Monday, June 10, 2013


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We Alerted You to Watching the S&P Closely for Direction and that friday job number. The weeks retracement didn't fare well for our longs but presented us lots of opportunities.

$SPY We Nailed last weeks overall market with last weeks SPY chart missing our low by .06 points. Hopefully some of you caught this huge reversal off the gap fill on Thursday, if You were watching last weeks Chart. Again if we continue to see the retest and hold of these fibonacci lines look for another strong week.

Last Weeks Stocks We Still Continue to like

$EWJ 11.00, (short 11.40-10.67) & $MTU 6.00, (6.09-5.52) Shorts worked like a charm off the japanese sell off and now reversing.
$ARUN 14.48, Going Higher, we like the 15 calls.
$MDR 9.26, goes higher imo.
$ASYS 5.07, Continues to be a great swing trade.

$OCZ 1.43- 1.25 support.
$DNDN 3.90- 3.82 support.
$TSLA 102.04 goes higher imo.
$CRUS 18.10 to hold the 23.6% fib.and get her butt above the weekly 200 ma.
$FNMA we still like with 1.30 as our support.
$ASTX can't hold the 4.50 area then we are watching the 3.40-3.50 area.
$RDN 12.66, Goes Higher from our reversal alert off the daily 50 ma.

What We have on Watch.

$EMKR 3.72
This chart is set to explode imo. My next target is the 5 area.

$OPXA 1.87

This chart i have on High watch and looks like its setting up to move higher.

$BLDP 1.89

This was a huge message board alert i nailed at .83-2.39 for a sick 188% Gain for members. We know have a retracement to 1.58, old resistance and is going higher imo. Looking at the monthly chart i see my next target being the 100ma resistance.

$HALO 6.56

We will keep alerting HALO and making our members bank accounts bigger! Last run netted our 7 calls over 225%. Same are, rinse and repeat time weeeeeeeee. Watch more volume to come into the 7.5 calls

$BIIB 225.02

144.28-242.64 for 68.1%, not to mention well over 5000% option Gains from our 1/22/12 Alert and has Made our members rich. One trader wrote us, he's made well over 100,000 playing BIIB alone.
We were buyers on every pullback till the market started to pullback along with some of our favorites. She dipped below her daily 100ma 209.87 support and now has found some love closing at 225.02. 225 calls from here were looking at.

$REGN 2.57.50

This chart goes higher imo and think she retests previous highs.
Looking at 250-260 calls here.

$CAT since our reversal alert at $80.00 area has been in a tight but steady trading range inside this wedge formation. We are looking for 200 ma line hold and get a breakout of the wedge when we revisit the upper trend line on the weekly chart.

$BIDU classic descending wedge breakout here, we want to to see a retest of the 200 ma line to confirm a solid swing reversal trade.

$AGN 99.75

This is a chart ready to explode as long as she continues above her weekly 200ma support. Looking at the 100 calls and daily top bollie target.

$SUBX shows we retested the $62.00 area which was the old high and now we looking higher to the 50% fibonacci line.

ISIS 22.76

Normally wouldn't mention a stock up this much but the monthly charts shows a potential golden cross that could propell ISIS much higher. HIGH WATCH. Were looking at 23 calls.

One of Our Best Alerts of 2012 $ACAD


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