Monday, June 17, 2013

Manic Monday Watchlist 6/16/2013

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$SPY Last Week we saw it retest the upper trend line last week and fail, so in our opinion unless we get some crazy news to move the market up, the trend will be sideways drifting lower this week.

$DCTH Alert .54 Scanner came up with this bio stock. Hit high of .50 and retraced. Found support at .41. Alerted in chat and now closing strong friday at .54 up 25.5% from our mention. Our target is the top of the gap or the 50ma which ever she loses steam at.

$BIOF 3.80, Keep On High Watch this coming Week imo. Chart has that look again. Could be a head fake but then again, what if it isn't? This stock will make over dollar moves on the right day and is why we follow it. 3.65 is our stop.

$CSUN 2.07, Going into the second leg on this one. Charts set up to go higher and like the upside potential.

$NSPR 2.50, Nice chart set up we came across with nice upside potential. 2.00 is our stop here with 1.88 being hard support.

$REED 4.88, Previous swing trade that gave us gains from 4.33-5.40. Keep REED on radar, could be setting up for a reversal/breakout here soon.

$BBRY 14.44, Radar blackberry to break the daily 50 & 100 sma and go higher. As of friday the call to put ratio was 112,411 to 42,221 with some really big bets on the call side.

Previous Stock Alerts We Still Continue to like.

$EWJ Our trading idea off the Japanese Sell off. This has been a great swing trade and we continue to follow. Huge option volume in this one and as of friday had a call to put ratio of 15,547 to 184,799. wow lol.

Continuation: $DNDN
4.05: had a great week dipping to 3.82 monday and traded up to 4.35 on thursday, a 13.8% gain or if you traded the june 4 call and grabbed lows you would have netted 236.3% gains .11-.37. She is hitting her head on her daily 50ma resistance. Looking for a breakout above and our next target is the daily 200ma around 5.00. Nice time for a short scalp there when she fades imo.

Continuation: $ARUN 14.62: we alerted back in may at 13.10, hitting highs of 15.64 and here we are at 14.62. Chart still looks very bullish and we will continue to trade her. Our Target is the daily 50ma resistance which is right around her gap.

Continuation: $RDN Traders Watch for another retest of her daily 50ma support, maybe a dip below but see a continuation to the upside imo.

Radar $CRUS 17.80: Holding 16.94 support and chart is looking better. Time to look at CRUS again as we are seeing more options volume come in.

$CAT decided to retest the 200 ma line on the Weekly chart and closed right on it Friday. Remember We Still Have The lower Trend Line Around 82.00 area We Posted On Last Weeks Chart. Be ready for Run Off that 200 ma line if you see us up in the pre market.

$BIDU retested The weekly 200 ma line and kept on going following the Overall Market. The Line in the Sand is 95 / 96 area for the longs this week.

$SBUX held up well closing up this last week on a Blood Red Market. Our 50% fibonacci extension Line at 70 /71 area still on target. The 38.2 fib line at 64 area is our Stop Loss.

$SHLD now that we have Traded Back to the lower trend line and Support, Giving our Followers a $5.00 Short Swing Trade. We Started To Ease into a Long Here But will look for a potential retest of that lower trend line.


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