Sunday, June 2, 2013

Jammin June Manic Monday Watchlist!

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Watching the S&P Closely for Trading Direction. See Chart Below.
$SPY chart updated and thoughts on it, watch it or Trade it for Direction.

Recapping Last Weeks Winners!

Reversal Watch: $CLNT
last weeks 181% Winner, we were watching the retracement and like we said were looking for a reversal under 7. We hit 6.21 tuesday and hit 7.85 high for a sweet 26.4% Gain! Dip to 6.28 friday where i took another position. Chart tells me she wants more imo. Must hold 6.21 support.

On Alert Again: $OCZ
Like we Thought hit our first target to the T, the daily 100ma!
We Watched the retracement and pulled back to 1.42. We Like her here for more using this as our support. Once past this 100ma which again is our 1st target here, will be the daily 200ma.

Continuation: $ASYS Our Solar Sleeper Play we alerted to members at 2.90-4.85. We had a Retracement back to 3.21 where we put her continued coverage. Huge Breakout past the weekly 50ma resistance and is now headed to the weekly 100ma imo, over a dollar gain from close friday. At this point we should see a pullback and or short opportunity and will look at the 4.86-4.90 area for support.
Scenerio 2 is she keeps going and then the weekly 200ma resistance will be our next upside target.

Continuation: $MDR 9 calls Up 133% for the week. 9.00-9.60. We still like the chart closing friday above the daily 20day ma. Next target is the daily 100 ma.

$MBLX laggard of the week, seems to be breaking that 200ma support we were looking at. On Radar.

Continuation: $ARUN Tuesday Low at 13.33-15.62, 13 calls netted us Over 188%, .90-2.60 and 14 calls netted 308.8%, .45-1.84.
Might see a retracement here but once ARUN gets past this 20day ma, she has 2 gaps to fill but we'll take it one at a time.

Reversal Watch: $RAX Trading idea off the 200 ma. We Retraced and is hugging that weekly 200ma. Still on high radar. 200 ma plays like we say, they sometimes dip below or bounce above or off the line itself. So till this is confirmed we have RAX on High Watch.

Short/Reversal Watch: $EWJ 11.40-10.84 Our Trading idea on the Japanese Index selling off. Calls outpaced the puts last monday night so we were looking at a possible reversal but that quickly changed as we saw more selling. Nice short, June 11 put netted 133%, Breaking the daily 50day ma and now almost at the 100ma. Should see a nice bounce at some point here next week so keep it on high watch.

Short/Reversak: $MTU
Mitsubihi Financial, 6.09-5.85, Short Working and looking at 5.60 area for possible reversal. Keep this one on high watch too. Will she pullback to the daily 200ma?

Continuation: $F
from our 12.70 alert off the 38.2 fibonocci weekly chart now has Almost hit the 76.4 fib line at the $16.50 area for a very nice swing trade. Look for it to hit that mark and then should a pull back to the 50% fib line ( see chart) and we can see the indicators below on the weekly chart are nowhere over bought.

Reversal Watch: TSLA Has been a huge trade on the long and short side if you've been following. Friday finding support ahrs at the 97.40 area, but not sold on this support. Looking at the 38.2 fibinocci retracement line around 92 for possible reversal.

$AAPL We Were Spot on With Her trading Into that wedge Hitting a High of 457, the high from 2 weeks ago. Friday we saw a Sell-off back to The 100 ma Line at 449. We will Need To Hold the 20 ma line at 444 and if not we see the lower trend line for support.

Reversal Watch: $CRUS We alerted at 17.87-23.48 for over 700% option gains. CRUS could not put in a higher high then 23.48 pulling back and hitting a lower low but at the bottom of a strong support channel.
See the fibinocci retracements below for possible entry targets.

Reversal Alert: $DNDN was a huge play for us taking her from 4.18 to 7.22 for over 5000% Gains. DNDN had some negative news come out taking the stock back down to 3.86 a higher low then last 3.81. We like this retracement to the 23.6 fibinocci line. We dipped a toe here in the june 4 calls.

Continuation: $FNMA
What a Trade i missed. Saw the set up in march but thought it just a fluke lol. So here we are after the massive sell off from 5.44. FNMA retraced to the 1st area where she peaked and now has found support closing friday at 2.10. We like the long trade here with 1.30 as our support.

Continuation: $ASTX Huge Runner for us! 11/20/12 alert at 2.44-6.95. 184.8%, Well Over 5000% Option Gains for members. We have been seeing some profit taking, no stock goes up without retracing. We are alerting a possible reversal at old resistance, the 4.60 area, 50% fibinocci retracement and daily 100ma. We should see a bounce there imo or if not we look at the next support, the 3.85 area.

Radar This Set Up. $ATML Is a Previous 48.4% Huge Runner for us, alerting in our message board at 4.95-7.35. We alerted ATML again at 6.09 and has hit our 200ma weekly target. Now here's the deal, we should see a opportunity for a nice short here and will be waiting if thats the case but looking at the weekly & Monthly chart the indicators still showing a possibilty of more upside. Either way we have a great set up and if ATML does breakout we have some real nice upside.

Short Opp: $AMZN We are Looking To Continue to Short This Upside Down W Pattern but watch for a Retest of Last Weeks Double High. We are Looking for a Gap Fill potential this week .


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