Sunday, April 14, 2013


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Hey Gang,

We sent out a newsletter mid week on some stocks to keep on watch!

$RDN 10.97-11.53 what a beast! 11 calls up 100%! RDN which i continue to flip and buy on pullbacks. No reason not to trade this breakout chart. Still plenty of upside imo.

$OWW 6.44-7.41! WOW Up a dollar since wednesday!

$KOG We told you to be watching for a pullback for a entry. We pulled back to 8.14, 8.03 being support and bouncing up .42. Like this chart set up, watch for the reversal. Looking at 8 or 9 calls.

had a nice pop, climbing over a dollar to 87.00. Now retracing and we are watching for another entry here on the pull back.

What We Have On Watch This Week!

We Are Bullish and Continue to trade, buy on pull backs $RDN, $OWW, $RAS, $BIIB and $ASTX.

$HALO - Halozyme Therapeuics 5.96

Alerted 4/10/13 at 5.60, looking for a continuation here, this stock has a history of blowing past 200ma resistances, so trade accordingly.

$DEXO - Dex One Corp. 2.07

Dexo looking like she's setting up for a nice breakout from here.
Trading above her weekly 100ma resistance and blue skies ahead!

$BYD - Boyd Gaming Corp. 9.02

BYD hit our watchlist back 2/11/2013 at 7.77 and has been a great trade to say the least. Racing to highs of 8.11, then retracing to 6.27 and beasting to present highs and closing above her 200 ma resistance. Keep BYD on watch for a continuation, she may retrace a bit and fill last weeks gap? Looking at 9 calls.

$TRLG - True Religion Apparel 27.07

Nice bounce here off the 200 ma support. Seeing more meat on the bone here as she finds support on her daily 50ma. Watch for a continuation.

$BKS - barnes & Noble Inc. 17.78

Brought to you in february at 13.51-18.12, 34.12% Gain to date. Blue sky breakout. Nice continuation play off her weekly 200 ma support. Looking at 18 calls.

$LNKD - Linkedin Corp. 185.39

$LNKD look for a continuation week after closing above resistance, remember this is new territory for LNKD.

$FSLR - First Solar Corp. 37.11

$FSLR Looking For Continuation Here After consolidation week after the earning breakout we saw.

$GMCR - Green Montain Coffee Inc. 57.44

$GMCR Breakout watch, we are looking for the next fibonacci target area.


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