Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last Weeks Recap

$FRO - Frontline Ltd.

Dry shippers have been breaking out lately and most are up quite a bit, but this one FRO we put on the watchlist earlier this month, has just been churning. Watch for a breakout from these levels.

$HALO - Up 26%, 1.50 a share from our alert! We put on the watchlist 3/10/13 and had a modest gain to 6.00+ but then pulled back again where we put her on alert at 5.37 on our message board. She traded down to 5.26 before gapping and hitting highs of 6.98!! Huge move closing above her daily 200 ma resistance. Radar HALO here, she might have more left.

$AAPL - is going to next fib at 486
Closed over the 12.8 fib this week, here at 463.00 and now will see next fib line this week at 486 area with a speed bump at 469 area, use 455/456 area for support.

$FB - at 25.76 Here, We Are Watching a Lower Support Channel Between 24.50 and 25.00 Also Seeing 25.00 Area Being The 50% Fibonacci Line As Well.

$GMCR - at 55.43 Here Had a Consolidation Week. We Will Use The 38.2 Fibonacci Line around 54.00 for support For our Next Leg Higher. If We Fail To Hold That Look For The 20 Ma Line as possible support.

$ULTA - That short idea didn't work last week but the 75 calls did, 1.80 was the low monday and hit 5.00 thursday for a 194% Gain. Chart is still bearish and will be ready to take either side. She will make short term gains but trend lower till we have reversal confirmation. We traded all the way up to the mid fib of the 50% and 38.2%. Watching ULTA this week and so should you, another big move is coming.

$NOV - 70 puts worked out ok dipping monday to 1.80 and hitting 3.50 tuesday, 94.4% Gain.

$AFFY - Bad News tanked AFFY tuesday > ( AFFY -58.9% (announces reduction in force to align resources around ongoing product investigation; to retain a bank to evaluate strategic alternatives)
This news gave traders a great short opportunity, april 3 calls .30-2.00 for 566.6%. We still have her on radar.

$RSH - April 3.5 calls did almost 100% .22-.42 as RSH spiked to 3.87, opening at 3.48.
RSH getting a downgrade tuesday which is going to take some momo off the table and earnings april 23rd. Will be keeping on high watch from here and keep you updated.

$FFIV - Nice pop monday morning! 90 calls almost 100%, a 2 dollar gain 87.98-90.11. FFIV breaking her 200ma support which was a great opportunity to go short with 90 puts 3.30 low to 5.00 high friday. Approaching the 38.2 fib now and will be looking for a bounce or possible reversal. Earnings april 24th.

$AKS - Retested and broke our 3.46 support, closing friday at 3.31. 3.5 puts, .18-.31 did 72%.

$USEG - She broke our 1.61 support closing friday at 1.58. HIGH ALERT here watching 1.48 being our next support target. Watch for a possible bounce reversal from this area.

$YGE - We based along the channel, spiking to 2.57 wednesday. Although Another trade breaking 200 ma support. You win some you lose some. The 200 ma support is usually a pretty good place to catch a nice bounce. Will be keeping YGE on high watch.

$APP - Love this Breakout chart set up and is still hot! We had a dip monday morning to 1.81 and the rest of the week we traded up to highs of spiking to 2.12 thursday. We will continue to trade APP.


$VVUS - Vivus Inc. 10.84

Keep this one on radar. We have almost a double bottom on the daily chart. 13 ma crossing the 20 on the daily and weekly charts.
Should see some confirmation monday. Looking at 11.00 calls or 10 puts if she breaks 9.86 support, soft support here at 9.94.

$CAT - Caterpillar Inc. 87.48

Put CAT on radar! She's been trading up the past 3 days from 86.42 lows and closing above the 23.6% fib friday, up after hours also.
Putting in a double bottom and trying to get above the 200 ma.
Weekly chart still bearish and if She fails to get a leg from here it will be a good short opp.
Looking at the 90 calls, .74x.75 or the 80-80.5 puts.

$BTH - Blythe Inc. 16.29

The tankage here is from a earnings miss. Ive been watching since and now is looking interesting. 12.66 is our support and my first target from here is the weekly 200 ma. Options volume is low and would like to see it pick up with the momo.

$BIOF - BioFuel Energy Co. 5.37

We see another upside move coming with one of our favorite Swing trades. We need to break through the weekly 100 ma resistance. Could possibly see a dip from here but watch for the rip.

$FU - FAB Universal Corp. 3.95

This was a message board alert at 2.95 and we are putting her on watch here again. Nice breakout above daily 200 ma resistance and now retracing to retest the 200 ma. She needs to hold here but watch for the retest or possible dip below and rip up and continue. Should see more volume come in, Very nice upside potential here also.


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