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Hello Traders,

Great Trades with Last Weeks Watchlist!

We Still like the Stocks Listed below


$FSLR OVER 2000% Gains from April! a Solar stock we have been alerting since the bottom! We also alerted you to watch for the gap fill in early april when 28 the calls were .88 and the may 28's are 17.45! Thats OVER 1,882% selling the april calls before expiration and rolling into may.

$JKS UP 47% for the week! Another Solar stock we originally alerted at 5.00 on our message board for over 50% and again at 5.11 april 22nd on the pullback and Now Breaking Out to New Highs of 7.51 for 47%. JKS coming up on her weekly 100ma resistance and expecting a pullback or breakout.

$SPWR 12 Calls Up 358% Since We Told you to watch the solar pullbacks for a entry april 10th. SPWR coming up on 200 ma weekly resistance and would expect a pullback from there before we get a clear direction or a flat out breakout but thats rare.

$BBX Up 2 Dollars Since Sunday! Alerted the Breakout Chart at 9.72 and Hasn't Stopped all week, hitting highs friday of 11.77!! We Still Continue to Trade BBX and like the Blue Sky Breakout Chart! This Chart goes higher.

$VVUS Alerted at 11.93-13.07, 12 calls up 173%. VVUS headed higher and looking at some resistance at the 13.50-13.80 area and the weekly 100ma are our next targets.

$CSIQ Alerted at 4.03 and Had Nice Gains all Week hitting highs friday of 5.50, 36.4%. HUGE Breakout on the weekly chart, finding support on her 100ma. This chart goes higher.

RDN Continues to go higher every week, blue sky chart. We continue to trade and buy on pullbacks. Monthly chart shows no resistance till after 14.00. 10 calls up over 111%, 12 calls up over 200%

$BYD Boyd Gaming Explodes and 9 calls UP 450% from our April 15th Alert. Originally brought to you in february at 7.77. Gaming stocks have been hot, especially online gaming stocks such as BYD and IGT. BYD Goes higher imo finding support on her weekly 200ma support. Looking at 12 calls.


$BEBE - Bebe Stores Inc.

Feb 27th Message board alert at 3.23-5.34 to date! HUGE Breakout!
This is a breakout chart and goes higher but needs to pullback a bit, seeing its way outside the bollinger bands. We will wait for the pullback (around the 4.70 area) and get in for the next ride. Our target is the weekly 200 ma resistance.

$CLWR - Clearwire Corp. 3.44

I've been noticing activity in CLWR slowly over the past 2 weeks prior to earnings and am watching this closely monday morning. Looking at 3.5 calls. We could see a nice run up to the weekly 200 ma resistance. Look at the options activity in the forward months.

CLWR Dec 4 calls are seeing interest following earnings yesterday after the close with 28.0K contracts trading vs. open int of 10.0K, pushing implied vol up around 2 points to ~30% -- today's volume primarily consists of three notable large transactions (two ~10K sized trades and one ~5K -- all traded on the offer). S/DISH/DTEGY/CLWR merger speculation has been ongoing. We noted bearish activity earlier this month in the CLWR Jan14 3 puts

$CAT - Caterpillar Corp. 84.68

We've been on the CAT long term. Watching the retracement to 79.00 and been playing the swings ever since. Finding Support on her weekly 200 ma, this is set up lovely. Cat could easily see over 99.00 again but we take the gains a fib at a time. Next target is the 38.2 fib. Looking at 85 calls.

$COOL - Majesco Entertainment Co..60

Time to Get COOL! We've been alerting trades on COOL for sometime. Downtrending chart finding strong support at .50. Alerted on our message board 4/23/13 at .55 and could possibly see a double from here and Nice volume coming in also.
This chart has to hold .49 support and if not, we will retest .36, 2008 lows.

$GNW - Genworth Financial 9.87

Heads up on this trading idea. Here's one On HIGH ALERT, $GNW we made a KILLIN on her riding her from 5.30- 10.74. So here's the trade. As u can see on the weekly chart we have two tests of that 200ma resistance. This next one will be the third and from experience, 3rd times the charm. Full breakout confirmation when she trades above for a few days or she could just flat continue. This is a solid company and into insurance, housing, wealth management and more. Golden cross forming and ahead if trend continues. 8.98 support must hold. Looking at options in the money.

$CRUS - Cirus Logic 17.87

This is a trade we played in our chat room off Apple earnings last week. CRUS is a parts supplier and trades with aaple. This is a trade i like off of weekly 200ma support. As long as she holds i'm long. She breaks the 200 ma support we will look at the 14 area for support

$VHC - VirnetX Holding Corp. 21.70

Nice Reversal here we alerted last monday in the chat room and i think hit 18.76 lod and climbing all week hitting 22.34 and closing friday 5.8%. 19 calls up 151%.
See more upside here with next target the 76.4 fib. Must hold the weekly 200 ma support.


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