Sunday, March 3, 2013


Was another crazy week with the overall markets whipsawing down and then up. Didn't fare well for the long positions much except intra day trades, news and trading the volatility. We have to go with the market trend but at these levels its tough to swing trade or hold overnight. Market retracements are always great times to get our favorite stocks at discounts. Such is the case this week.

We also suggest to chose a basket of some over bought stocks, 52 week high stocks and or ones looking possibly weak at resistance levels. If we get a market pull back i sometimes also go short in a long postion i might have on, closing the long and going short.
These can be your hedges on days when the markets pull back. We also like trading the Volatility Index (VXX) and is a great bell weather on the S&P overall.

We Continue to like and Follow These Previous Alerts! Hope you are paying attention to all the charts we give you week to week. Most are in uptrends and usually continue to perform. We just keep planning our exits and entries back in alot of these stocks we profile. If the market

We are still riding these breakout stocks alerted previously and continue to give us great Gains!!

$OWW - Orbitz Worldwide 4.54

Last week told you to keep OWW on high watch for a possible breakout or a nice short. Breakout it was, Exploding past her weekly 200 day resistance from 3.88-4.56 for 17.5%
Check out our fibinocci chart for possible targets. Coming up on 50% fib and last previous high of 4.75, lets see if she can break it.

RDN - Radian Group 9.17

RDN Another Beast up over a dollar since last weeks watchlist 7.95-9.22, 16% Wahoo! 8 calls up Over 212%. Coming up on the 50% fib and looks like it could be strong support so we could see a pull back from there but we'll have to see.

$PGH - Pengrowth Energy 4.48

Spec Oil play thats caught our radar. Had pretty strong news and could set this chart off. Keep in mind this chart is broken but has continued to perform without stopping since news. Next target we see is the 23.6 fib right at the 50 day ma. Keep a strong eye on this chart. Watching for more options volume to come in but Apr 5 calls did 300% friday,

Pengrowth Announces 55 Percent Increase in 2012 Year-End Proved Plus Probable Reserves and Replacement of 672 Percent of 2012 Production

$BIOF - Bio Fuel Energy Corp. 5.31

23.3% Gains From Last Weeks Retracement Watch!
What a Trade this stock has been for members! We alerted you last week to keep a close eye on this stock pulling back from our Highs from last time and BOOM! She retraced to the daily 50day ma at 4.58 and took off hitting highs of 5.65 closing above her 200 day ma support which is very good. We are watching for a continuation. We hit resistance at the weekly 50 ma and Pulling back from highs and also after hours closing at 5.00, so depending on pre market monday we could bounce from here or We are looking at the 4.88, 4.70 or 4.60 area for possible reversals.

$ATSG - Air Transport Group 5.52

We Gave you ATSG in December at 3.71 and hasn't stopped since, closing friday at 5.52 breaking all resistance in her way. The weekly 200 and 100 day ma AND the monthly 100 ma! Very impressive!
Follow our charts for upside and possible retracements.

$STXS - Sterotaxis Inc. 2.25

We alerted this stock some time ago and hit for modest gains but now the charts looking even more interesting. Looking for a break out above weekly 50 ma resistance. She is holding above her daily 200 ma support. If she can do this i expect more volume to come into the stock. This stock has serious upside potential and we have her on high watch.

$ASYS - Amtech Systems Inc. 3.96

Time to look at our Sleeper alert ASYS again. We alerted ASYS at 3.00 and has given members 61.6% Gains! Quite possibly one of my turn around stocks of the year. Looking for a continuation off her daily 200 ma which she touched once and is retesting again. We must hold this support and looking for a break above the weekly 50 day ma resistance.

AKAM - Akamai Tech. 36.65

Akamai tanked on last earnings cautious guidance. Since we have some upgrades and insider buying as well as M&A rumors. We are finding support on the daily and weekly 200 day ma which is strong support, as long as she holds this we like the upside.

Akamai Tech: Director discloses buying 27,325 shares at an avg price of $36.74 on 2/12, worth ~$1.0 mln (36.74 )

$CLF - Cliffs Natural Resources 25.25

CLF one to watch for a recovery from this monthly 200 day ma support. Stock tanked on mixed earnings, reduction of dividend and a stock offering. Whats compelling is the monthly support. She holds this we like it for a possible continuation trade. We currently have 24.50 as a low.
Looking at 26-27 calls

MRVL - Marvel Tech. 10.27

In december we gave you MRVL as a reversal watch at 7.05 and here we are at over 10.00 a share and well over 5000% Option Gains!
Sitting on top of daily 200 ma support and hitting weekly and monthly resistance. Looking for a retracement or continuation. Compelling chart. 10 calls

$GMCR - Green Mtn Coffee What a week we had up almost $5.00 and if you bought at the 50 ma line, almost Up $7.00 in gains! Hope you took profits at that double top. See annotations below for this week's strategy.

$NFLX - Netflix Here we have held the 50% fibonacci line and closed above this week. Look for the 61.8% fib line but first we'll see some resistance at that double top imo.


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