Sunday, March 10, 2013


Gains from Sundays Watchlist ~


OWW 4.54-5.25
RDN 9.17-10.95 ~ $RDN 9 calls up 255% from sundays watchlist. 7 calls Up 1,890% .02-3.80 ~ 6 calls 721%, .56-4.60 ~ 8 calls up 5,600%
PGH 4.48-5.10
BIOF Watch for dip 4.88 we said and she turned at 4.90-5.75
ATSG 5.52-5.72
STXS 2.25-3.00
AKAM 36.65-38.23, Still on watch for more upside.
CLF coming off monthly 200 ma, radaring off 23.56 lows, like 25 calls @.59 and will continue to ride the reversal.
MRVL 10.27-10.80,
GMCR 407% from original alert

From Last Weeks Watchlist! RADAR

$ASYS Reversal Alert last week after a dip below daily 200 ma support and now trading above. We are watching for a continuation with the 200 ma as support.

$BIOF After hitting 5.75 highs for us and is pulling back and look for a continuation after retracement.



$AFFY We mentioned Thursday, $AFFY Huge Gains Friday! 3 calls 1150% & 4 calls 1400% and 5 calls 4400% GAINS!

Opening at 2.31 and Caught Our Scanners and Ran to 4.10!!
3 calls .10-1.25, 4 calls .05-.75.
Must have been a short squeeze. AFFY pulling back and we are following this retracement. This Action could continue, lets Radar this retracement.

$CLSN Bottom Spec Play that could take off like $AFFY.
We have CLSN also on high radar. mar-apr 1.5 calls at .05 look interesting but lets see how next week pans out!

$GNW - Genworth Financial

We were watching this retracement and was caught by surprise by a quick reversal from a dip below the daily 100 day ma at 8.08, closing friday at 9.84. She is pressed up against weekly resistance. Watch for the Breakout! Puts 8,347 vs Calls 3018 so bets are on she does. If we fail then we have a nice short either way.

$FRO Reversal Watch at 2.23, Double bottom monthly chart and the fact this dry ship stock has been beaten for some time and due for a reversal. Options call volume is king

$MCP Gave us great gains (Over 5000% Option Gains) from 6.00 alert to 11.81 highs! Almost A 2 Bagger! Keep in mind she pulled back to previous support of 5.75 which she broke to 5.60 and is now heading for another reversal. Lets see what MCP brings us this time. Looking at 7 calls. Options are strong on call side.

$VG Reversal Alert! UP 44.6% from 2.44-2.82 end of 2012 and is looking like she could be breaking out of our target of the 200 day ma resistance.

$EA Electronic Arts we alerted you october 2013 at 13.41-18.94, 41% Gains! Over 5000% Options Gains! and hasn't stopped and here we are breaking out of our target of the 200 ma weekly resistance. Full blown Breakout or short.

$RSH 3.27, Radio Shack on radar again to break the weekly 50 ma resistance. Shes pushing right up against the 50 now! Radar.

$HALO 5.85, Reversal Alert at 5.54 at our message board! Same place we keep alerting her for sweet gains!

$REED 5.00, Alerted at 4.33 and is Making her move up from 3.85 support. Gaining over 15% friday, look for a pullback at the daily 200 ma resistance for a re entry, possibly the 13 or 20 ma.

$ASTX BREAKSOUT and Explodes 41% from 2.44-4.58 nov 2012 alert. Breakout out second time above the weekly 200 ma resistance and looking like she may keep going. Next target if she can stay afloat is the monthly 200 ma resistance. Patience again pays off on a nice swing trade.

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