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Whats on the Grill This Week! Check it


$OWW - Orbitz Worldwide Inc. 3.88

$OWW from last weeks watchlist! Huge Breakout to New Highs! 2.30-3.89. Great Swing trade shes been!
Hit 3.89 for 69% total from our 2.30 alert and almost our target the weekly 200 day ma. We will try and find shares to sell short if she weakens here, but we could be faced with yet another breakout??

$MBLX - Metabolix Inc. 2.37

MBLX broke out in a serious way from our 12/23/12 1.55 reversal alert and up 65%. Still more upside left according to the chart imo. Insider buying (Metabolix (MBLX) CEO, Directors (2) and VPs (3) bought a total of 270K shares at $1.07-1.17 on 11/30-12/3, worth ~$300K) and positive news send more interest this way. Next earnings may 02.


We said to watch for a retracement to the 5-5.15 area and we have 5.03 as present support and Traded above the 38.2 fib to 5.70 and pulling back end of day. High watch here traders.

$DNDN - Dendreon Corp. 5.67

We had a sweet bounce from the daily 200 day as we mentioned 5.88-6.19 and has pulled back dipping below the daily 200 ma. If DNDN reports a attractive QTR, Look for a serious run from here imo.

DNDN Dendreon: Some thoughts on Dendreon ahead of earnings scheduled to be released before market on Monday, Feb 25 (5.68 -0.08)

Dendreon (DNDN) is scheduled to report Q4 results Monday before the open. Current Capital IQ Consensus calls for an adjusted loss of ($0.50) per share and revenues of $85.51 mln. Recall, on January 7, 2013 the company announced preliminary Q4 revenues $85.5 mln (which includes an approximate $3.8 mln favorable adjustment to the Company's chargebacks reserve due to a change in estimate). The company also announced that community urology grew 25% and community oncology grew 4% quarter over quarter.

Analyst commentary from the quarter:

On February 14, 2013 Maxim Group downgraded the company to Sell from Hold and set a price target of $4. They noted increased competition from other prostate cancer drugs such as Medivation's (MDVN) Xtandi

On February 13, 2013 Bernstein said it thinks Provenge should get some benefit from small studies with Zytiga. Bernstein upgraded the company to Outperform from Market Perform on January 11, 2013.

On February 13, 2013 Lazard issued cautious comments, saying it was skeptical of the commercial read-through following a Provenge/Zytiga study.

On February 6, 2013 Summer Street was positive on the company, stating that concern over Medicare co-payment for Provenge was overdone. Summer Street also said that it expects EU approval of Provenge by mid-year on January 24, 2013.

On January 30, 2013 Cantor Fitzgerald raised their target to $7 from $6 in light of the Jan 7 preannouncement


Given the pre-announcement, the conference call will likely be what most impacts the stock. Any commentary discussing how and when Provenge is being used by doctors will be important, especially in light of recent competition in the space from Xtandi. The company is trying to market Provenge as a front-line therapy in combination with other treatment options so any details discussing this effort will be closely analyzed. In the preannouncement management said it is making progress, stating, "We are pleased that physicians continue to recognize the importance of sequencing therapy options in advanced prostate cancer treatment and the key role PROVENGE can play as front-line therapy in mCRPC." Additionally, updates on the company's sequencing studies with Zytiga and Xtandi could impact the stock. Lastly, any update regarding European approval could be important. The company currently expects to receive a regulatory decision in mid-2013.

$NVAX - Novavax Inc. 1.83

RADAR!!! Last weeks Alert NVAX up for 15th Annual BIO CEO and Investor Conference Monday. Options Call volume is off the hook so lets see how this one plays out monday!

$SINA - Sina Corp.

Hope you listened thursday


Thurs Newsletter
We're looking at the 55 area for possible support first, then we have the daily 200 day support and the 38.2 fib below at 51.20. Expecting a retest of the weekly 200 day (59.60) and Possible Breaking Out!

Pretty much did what we said, she dipped below the daily 200 ma and took off from 52.92 to 55.48 hod. This is what ive been waiting for. Grabbed the mar 55 calls @1.64 and sold end of day, i didn't want to hold over the weekend.
This Run has just begun and like i said, i see a retest of her weekly 200 day resistance and she might fight it a little but all in all i see a potential BREAKOUT, i can smell it and after that earnings surprise. If im wrong and she doent break it, we have a nice short so not much lost. Either way i see alot of love on this trade.

$FFIV - F5 networks 101.06

Reversal watch off this daily 200 day support/78.6 fib and trendline.

$SD - Sandridge Energy 5.96

Time to look at $SD again. We alerted SD before at 5.65 for well over 500% Gains for members. We are looking at the 6 calls.

HPQ - Hewlett Packard 19.20

This stock has been in the dog house for sometime now. Earnings beat friday and we have a breakout chart. This chart goes higher imo but after fridays run we expect a pullback to the daily 200 ma support then watch for a reversal. Upside target i see is the weekly 100 ma resistance. Options volume is sick on both sides, so plenty of opportunities to profit on both sides of this trade imo. Mar 20 calls did a 5000% Gain friday, 19 calls did 745%, mar 19 puts did 263% as examples.

$BKS - Barnes and Noble 13.51

Looking at a reversal from our weekly trend line here, 12.70 being our present support. Looking at 14 calls.

$NOV - National Oilwell Varco 68.10

Reversal Watch on $NOV my best of breed oil service stock. We obviously have to hold our trendline here and if not we are watching for the dip and rip.

$RDN - Radian Group 7.95

One of our Breakout stocks of 2012 hasn't stopped and now being pumped by Cramer friday night lol.
Breakout Chart Continues to Peform! $RDN baby, 60.5% Gain! from our alert at 4.56-7.32! Looking at 8 calls here and were Up 28.5% friday!


$BIDU has reached a Weekly double bottom Here This Past Week and Also The 50% fibonacci Line Retest as well, We Have closed below the weekly 200 ma line and see a pocket of support at $70.00

Green Mtn Coffee Inc.

$GMCR seeing her make her fibonacci stair stepping, and feel we are close to break out for the next Fibonacci line.


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