Monday, March 18, 2013


Good Morning Traders,

Check out these trading ideas for the week.

ULTA - Ulta Salon Cosmetics 74.14

Feb 15th we alerted you to watch for a bounce from a earnings miss which tanked ULTA, we alerted you also for a possible short setting up from that bounce. She opened and Ran up over a week to high of 92.12 where we put on our short and here we are hitting lows of 72.51!!!!!! Thats a 19.61 dollar short! Option gains well over 500% in feb and mar alone from mar 5th 91.12, 90 puts were 3.35 and hitting present highs of 17.40! A 420% Gain and the month isn't done. So heres the deal, we feel there is more downside here and will continue to short her to around the 68.44 area where we have some strong support and the 61.8 fib

$NOV - National Oilwell Varco Inc.70.53

Mar 8th we alerted you to keep NOV our best of breed oil service stock on the radar. She's up 4 dollars from there. 67.5 calls 1.74-4.35 150% Chart is very strong right now but is coming up on some serious resistance. The daily 200 ma and the weekly 50 & 100 ma lol. We'll just play the trade were given, she breaksout we go long and if not we short or wait for the retracement.
Looking at the 70-72.5 calls and 70 puts.

AFFY - Affymax Inc. 3.03

We alerted you to AFFY Mar 8th and 11th and if you were patient, were rewarded with over 150% Gains. AFFY chart still intact here, retracing after hitting 4.10 highs. We are looking at the 38.2 fib and trendline at 2.95 area as possible reversal areas. We are staying with this one and see more massive gains to come. Be patient.

RSH - Radio Shack 3.54

3.27-3.70, 3 calls over 250%

We alerted RSH last week as chart looked bullish and was pushing up against her weekly 50 ma resistance. She broke out above that resistance and closed above the 50 friday. We are looking for a continuation from here or a drop and retest. Lets play the trade we are dealt here. Expecting a huge move here soon and we will be on the ground floor. Huge Upside potential and earnings on april 23rd.

FFIV - F5 Networks Inc. 90.91

Feb 25th we alerted you to a possible bounce opportunity off the daily 200 ma support which she broke through giving us a great short trade. Puts giving us over 150% gains. 99.50-90.65 short! Here we are coming up on weekly 200 ma support here shortly, watch for a bounce and reversal from this support.
April 24th After bell earnings

AKS - AKSteel Holdings Inc. 3.61

Reversal Watch! Here we have a classic retest of november 3.42 support, holding 3.46 which is our support and must hold. Looking also at 4 calls and puts.

USEG - US Energy Corp. 1.73

Quad bottom catching our eye here and have USEG on reversal watch here. Must hold 1.61 support here.

YGE - Yingly Green Energy Holdings Co. 2.47

We mentioned before we don't usually alert chinese stocks but here is another exception. Trade is off her daily 200 ma support, improving indicators with a nice MACD ready to cross. Weekly chart showing she is hanging on to her weekly 50 ma
Resistance which will be support if she can stay above. Weekly MFI still pegged at 69. 2.21 support here we need to hold.

APP - American Apparel Inc. 1.95

This was a Sick message board alert at 1.00 for Over 100% Gains. Now we've hit our target the weekly ma resistance and sailed right through, now trading above the 200 and is now support which she must hold. Its been over a week shes held that so we see a continuation. Sweet upside here traders and will you look at that monthly chart, oh my!

GNW - Genworth Financial Inc. 10.49

GNW has been a HUGE trade for us yielding well over 5000% option gains from our original alert at 5.39!!! WOW!
Watching for a possible dip and rip here to the 10 or 9.80 area, after pushing through weekly 200 ma resistance. See a retest of support then a continuation imo. High Watch Folks.


Been a Huge trade for us on the long and short side. She keeps breaking support and we are following this retracement and looking somewhere around the 70 area for some support and reversal watch.


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