Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hello Traders,

Have to take a minute to mention some previous picks that just continue to perform!

$AA 9 Calls Up 193.7% .16-.47

$BYD 1900% Gains! Trading idea hit to a T! We had a spike monday morning to 8.11 and couldn't break resistance. Short from there yielded 20% to 6.75 after market lows, spiking tuesday morning to a lower low 7.58, where another short opportunity was presented, 7.58-6.80 fridays low. Mar 8 puts yielded 1900%, .07-1.40, Mar 7 puts yielded 132%, .28-.65

$ATSG 27% Hitting our 200 day target from our 3.70-5.04 alert! Look for a retest of the daily 200day support and continue.

$BEAT 20.4% Beat the odds and broke out from our 2.30-2.77 alert right here, next target the weekly 100 day ma.

OPTIONS GAINS OF OVER 1000% With All These..

$AMCC UP 96.7% 4.90-9.64
$DNDN UP 60% 4.63-7.22
$MU UP 56.2% 5.17-8.08
$VVUS UP 51% 10.30-15.54
$ATML UP 48.2% 4.95-7.34
$FIG UP 43% 4.50-6.43
$GKK UP 36.3% 2.35-3.78
$BIDU UP 33.6% 86.00-114.88
$BIIB UP 18%, 144.28-169.07 Alert

$RAS UP 45.6%, 5.06-7.37 Alert
$RDN UP 60.5%, 4.56-7.32 Alert

RADAR THESE Retracements of Previous Alerts

$DNDN Watching for a bounce off her daily 200 day support! Expecting a Sweet Bounce! Be Ready!

$RSH Chart looked Killer but couldn't break 3.45, now retesting old 200 day support. Expecting a bounce from this support and a retest of 3.46 and possible breakout.

Huge Breakout above the 200 day last week, ran from 8.08-9.90 in 4days lol. Watch for a reversal off the daily 200 day support. Continuation could be Stellar!

$ATML Watching for a dip and retest of her weekly 200 day resistance (last high), daily 200 day ma is our support. Option Volume is all on the call side. Watching for the breakout and if so looking at the weekly 100 day as our next target.

$RFMD 36.5% 3.98-5.43 Alert Breakout like we had hoped. Trading above her weekly 200 day resistance. We want to see her hold this but watch for a possible dip and rip scenerio to clean out all the stop orders.

$OWW 47%, Huge Breakout to New Highs! 2.30-3.38
OWW hit our 1st target and blew right past it! My next target is the weekly 200 day ma. Great upside here and would also fish around and see if any shares are available to short ahead of time.

$FCEL 36.8% Gain! Reversal watch at her daily 200 day ma.

$BIOF BREAKS OUT 24%!! Congrats Traders that Jumped In!

$BIOF - Bio Fuel Energy Corp. 6.73

We put BIOF on the watchlist last week and told you to watch for the dip and rip and here we are! Dip monday morning to 4.64-6.73, A 45% ROI in one week! Not too shabby. We've been waiting for a while for this chart to turn around and we caught it just for you! Looking for a continuation to the weekly 100 day ma resistance. Then see a pullback from there with a retest of resistance again.

$ASYS BEASTING UP 60% From Our Alert!

$ASYS - Amtech Systems Inc. 4.74

Manic Sleeper Alert $ASYS Breaks Out Again and Continues to Perform! UP 60% and Still on a Tear!  Hope you All Kept $ASYS on the Radar like we alerted you last month and to watch the retracement from the pervious alert from 3.00-4.25 the 200 day ma resistance. She dipped to 3.75 and then she took off blowing right past the 200 day ma and now headed possibly to the 38.2 fibonocci retracement.
With Solar stocks back in fashion and the company trying to turn itself around, this stock in time could possibly be a 5 bagger?

$STXS - Stereotaxis Inc. 2.29

Originally Alerted in Nov 2012 at 1.73-3.39 for 57.8%! Radar a possible breakout here. Trading now above her daily 200 day ma resistance and headed to retest weekly resistance at the 50 day ma. Classic example of why we tell you to keep following our previous alerts.

$ONP - Orient Paper Inc. 2.40

We are not partcularly fond of any chinese stocks but this chart demands attention and looking for the breakout push through the 50 day ma resistance to our next target the 100 day ma. The Daily 200 day ma is our support.

$NVAX - Novavax Inc. 1.89

Trade off the 200 day daily support. Weekly golden cross and monthly showing 13 day cross above the 20 make this Bio one to watch imo. This ones setting up very nice.

$SAND - Sandstorm Gold Ltd.

Bounce reversal trade off daily 200 day ma support. Stock tanked on this news


Looking at 10-12.5 mar calls and puts. 12.5 mar calls did 150% friday!

$SPWR - Sunpower Corp. 11.45

Breakout chart, but see a great long and short trade here. Pulling back from hitting 12.45 highs and sitting at the 38.2 fib, if we cant hold this we are watching previous highs as next support, possibly the 10 area 1st and the 100 day ma 2nd. RADAR the Dip and Rip here, this chart screams i'm going higher and see the weekly 200 day ma as our next target where we will sell our calls and reverse position and go short or buy puts. See a nice trade here and both sides!

$MCP - Moly Corp. 7.34

Ive been sticking with MCP even though shes been trading kinda funky, finding her way. Daily and weekly chart looking good imo with a Daily MACD Cross, 13 day ma cross confirmation. Holding 7.30 currently, 6.30 is next suppport and hard support is 5.75. When this one starts rocking it should be Good. Previous over 5000% Gainer for us. As always if one direction isn't working there is always the other side.

$BIDU - Bidu.com

We are looking for a Reversal here as We saw Her Trickle under the 200 Ma Line on The Weekly Chart Last Week See Annotated Chart Below.

$FSLR - First Solar Inc.

Continues to be on of our ATM machines as we have confirmed a uptrend Swing Trade. See Chart Below For Annotation.

SBUX - Starbucks Corp.

We like a short position down to $52.00 area where we see 3 trader pivot points and then look for a nice reversal. See chart below

Disclaimer http://bit.ly/WKD3wC

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