Monday, February 11, 2013


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Don't Forget Options Expiration

Made it through yet another Blizzard and storm YIKES!
We saw the market fluctuate and now pushing to New highs.
Have to wonder how much we will go up before we see a correction.
We try and always have a game plan, such as stocks that are maxed out and toppy looking for shorts in such a case. We are always prepared to take the opposite side of a trade if need be. Depending on whats working best, but we always look at the Direxion 3x short ETF's in times of corrections. Such as $TZA or $FAZ or the Index itself.

$BIIB 1/28/13 ~ 1134% GAIN! at 144.28-167.35, Breaking out to NEW all time Highs!!  Feb 150 calls alerted at 1.30x1.45 now at 17.90 hod. CONGRATS to those that Payed attention!

$DNDN BREAKOUT! 7 calls Up 345.5%, 6 calls Up 170%,

From Our Alert again at 6.25-7.22. She has closed above her weekly 50 day resistance and want to see a continuation from there. Confirmation 2-3 days trading above. We like the feb-mar 7 calls. .11 friday low- .32x.34, .78x.80.

$BEAT 2.35-2.50, Broke out above her weekly 50 day resistance and see the 100 day as our next target. Chart showing an upcoming Golden cross also.

We still like $AA Mar 9 calls

$TSL Sitting on the daily 200 day support and must hold or she will retest previous lows.

$VVUS 12.43-13.96 Looking Hot, 13 calls up 156.4%
.39-1.00. Coming up on a speed bump, the weekly resistance, the 100 day ma. Will be looking at the 14 calls soon for a nice entry.

$WMT 70.49-71.64, 70 calls up over 72%.
WMT at resistance right now 71.50 and needs to trade above this 2-3 days before id look at a entry for a continuation.

Here's Whats Catching Our Eyes this Week!

$BIOF - Bio fuel energy corp

Watching for a breakout reversal. We gave this to you before the gap up to 5.66 for over 22% Gains! 4.56-5.66. Was waiting for her to fill the gap but doesn't appear she wants to. Pressing hard against her daily 200 day ma resistance. Watching for a breakout or a dip and rip from here. This stock makes some big moves and shes long over due.

EPA confirms 2013 Renewable Fuel Standards -Update : The proposed 2013 overall volumes and standards are: Biomass-based diesel (1.28 billion gallons; 1.12 percent); Advanced biofuels (2.75 billion gallons; 1.60 percent); Cellulosic biofuels (14 million gallons; 0.008 percent); Total renewable fuels (16.55 billion gallons; 9.63 percent)!OpenDocument


$COOL - Majesco Entertainment  .64

Previous .90-1.26 Winner had bad earnings which is why she retraced from 1.18 to .58. Looking for a reversal from these levels. Sweet Macd cross on the daily chart and my first target is the Daily 100 day ma. Must hold .58 support here.

$KWK - Quicksilver Resources 2.43

This stock just broke down hard and we are looking for a reversal here. 2.38 is present low but could dip a bit more and Rip or they could pull her back even more. Lets bee on the ground floor when this goes down 8)

$CWTR - Coldwater Creek 3.81

Trade off the 200 day daily support with a nice Macd cross also.
Monthly chart looks interesting with the 13 day ma almost crossing above the 20 day ma and if you look at the history of every time this has happened. Company is still struggling but this is only a trade on the technicals. Needs to hold the 200 day ma.

$HEK - Heckman Corp. 4.35

We alerted this previously twice at 2.77-4.94 for 78.3% and 3.42-4.40 for 29.4%.
We are looking at a retest of her weekly 200 day resistance and breakout which is due. If she cannot break the weekly 50 day ma is our support. 4 calls showing the most interest. Feb .30x.35 and mar .45x.50.

$RFMD - RF Micro Devices 5.24

Message board alert at 4.10, Up 28%. We almost have breakout confirmation that we are looking for and Options volume has poured in, so i'm watching this one closely. The weekly 200 day resistance and the monthly 50 day resistance, once through this we should see some nice gains imo.

$RSH - Radio Shack 3.42

BREAKOUT ALERT! $RSH Closed friday up 10%, trading above her daily 200 day ma and up against the weekly 50 day resistance, she breaks this, its off to the races. Multi bagger in the WORX. This previous alert netted us over 500% and expecting more this run. My target is the weekly 100 day ma. In and looking at feb-mar 3.5 calls and will be rolling into the 4's when times right. Look at the Macd cross on the monthly chart lol.

$MNKD - Mannkind Corp. 2.61

$MNKD Up 43% from our 1.90 alert and Back in Play!  Feb 2.5 calls up 200% friday. We like the 2.5 calls for now and will roll into the 3's. 2nd Retest of the weekly 100 day resistance. Daily Macd Cross almost. Love it!

$MDR - Mcdermott Corp. 13.47

Check it out, Coming up on weekly strong resistance of the 100 & 200 day ma. Monthly chart showing a possible breakout of the 50 & 100 day so this chart maybe prime for a breakout! More volume now being in the call sign. If she can't break the weekly 200 day resistance she maybe a nice short, time will tell. Looking at both sides.

$BYD - Boyd Gaming Corp. 7.77

Breakout Chart or Short??

Another chart set up coming up on weekly 200 day resistance and monthly resistance of the 50 day. Same trade applies here. Calls have been doing nicely 7 calls up 222% friday. She cant break the 200 or the 50 we are looking at the short side.


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