Sunday, February 3, 2013



$RSH Over 500% $MCP 400% $BIDU 400% $ETRM 10%


1/22/13 Alert $BIIB Up Over 500%
Breaking out to all time Highs!
Watch for profit taking at some point and or we are looking at a short position when she starts looking weak.


Hope You Keep on Close Radar all the charts we give you every week. Like we say time and time again, we never know when these charts will take off but if you follow them you can catch the moves. Patience is key.

$APT - Alpha Pro Tech 1.64

APT On Alert 1.64. HUGE POTENTIAL! Wasn't paying attention and missed the 1.51 bounce, had her on radar, but she going to test that 200 day ma again. What has me smiling is this monthly chart!!! She breaks out above that 200, next target looks like the 23.6 fib Have to like the upside potential. I would be a seller at the 200 day ma and if she continues then i would consider reentry imo

$ASTX - Astex Pharm. 3.49

ASTX UP 46%, High Alert 3.50, 11/20/12 alert at 2.44. Looking for a breakout above the monthly 100 day resistance.

$EBR - Centrais El 3.58

We put her on watch 1/22/12 for 12% Gains! She had a Little pull back and looking like she wants more upside imo. The Daily 100 day ma is our next target. Just a heads up.

$ZLC - Zale 5.07

ZLC UP 26.6% we put on the watchlist late december 2012 at 4.06. Trade off her 200 day ma support.
Volume coming into the options, looking at 5 calls .25x.30

$BEAT - Cardio Net Inc.

BEAT has a hard time trading above the daily 200 day resistance and now is sandwiched between her weekly 50 day resistance. Somethings gotta give lol. Now trading and closing above her 200, Can she BEAT that weekly 50 day ma this time?

Big Boards and Options

$FIG - Fortress Inestment Group 5.37

Up 20% Over a dollar since our Message board alert at 4.50-5.40 and here 1/21/13 at 5.17. Breakout continues and now seeing volume come into the mar 5 strike, feb volume is low. .35x.45. Next resistance i see is the 76.4 fib around 5.95 area. 6.62 and 6.97 are next resistances. That 6.97 area might provide us with a nice short.

$AA - Alcoa Inc. 9.00

Upcoming trade. Should pick up speed soon, check it. Easy trade off the daily 200 day ma imo. Watching for breakout of this wedge and the 50day weekly ma. Gotta love trades off the 200. Target from here is the weekly 100 day ma. Looking at the 9 calls, Feb 9 calls .10x.11

$TSL - Trina Solar 5.28

Wow what a roller coaster ride last week. TSL has been my personal ATM as well as countless others. I will keep in this stock and stop alerting it till its broke. We broke our 200 day support and dipped to 4.80 bouncing right back and now looking bullish going into this week imo. We have our retest and call volume far out ways put volume. Look for the breakout above weekly resistance, 50 day ma. Feb 5 and 6 calls are hot.

$SNSS - Sunsis Pharm. 6.01

BREAKOUT! EXPLODES 27%, 4.78-6.07. Feb 5 calls UP 410% .25-1.05 There wasn't much options volume till the chart took off although the spread is stupid unfortunately. We continue to trade her and our next target is 6.85 and if for some reason she blasts past, on deck is the 7.36 area. Might look for a short position at these resistances. Looking at Feb 6 calls if spread gets better

$VVUS - Vivus Inc. 12.43

This was a great short from our highs at 15.54. Retraced back retesting the weekly 200 day support. Looking for a reversal off this 11.89 support. Macd cross. Looking at the 13 feb calls. .36x.39

$WMT - Wal Mart Corp. 70.49

Notching a fresh 5-week high as it clears the $70-level. Note the mid-December bearish gap in effect between 70.35/70.82 as initial resistance. Next level of interest above that lies near the December highs around 72.50 vicinity. Earnings scheduled for Feb 21. See a possible dollar from here, she holds this nice daily 200 day ma support. Looking at 70 calls
weeklies .74x.75 - Monthlies .94x.97

$MCP - Moly Corp. 7.43

We have Moly Corp on High Watch. We have a low in at 5.75 and a second at 6.30 she must hold or she will retest 5.75. Currently holding 7.30 and looking for a reversal. I don't want to miss this upside or downside move when it happens, neither should you!

$RSH - Radio Shack 3.18

Looking for another push to the weekly 50 day ma resistance. We need to hold the daily 200 day ma support. She breaks down i'm looking at the daily 13 day ma as support Still in the feb 3 call. .26x.28

$OCZ - OCZ Technology 2.21

This chart has only begun and now watching for a reversal from this retracement from 2.77 highs. Closing friday at her daily 100 day resistance, support at the 50 day ma. Golden cross approaching on the daily chart. Looking for a continuation to the daily 200 day resistance is our next target. Looking at the 2 and 2.5 feb calls .20x.30, .05x.10


$SINA Still on high watch, holding her daily 200 day support. She still has been giving day traders over 100% each side of trade. Still looking for the breakout past 58.77 resistance.

$GNW like we thought retraced back to her daily 20 day ma. She has to hold 8.92 or we go lower. Weekly chart still looks strong with the 13 day ma looking to cross through the 100 day soon. Keeping her on HIGH watch also. Both these stocks have nice upside if they can break above resistance. Feb 10 calls we are looking at with all that volume. Feb 10 calls .20x.21


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