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$MCP jan 9 call which netted some lucky traders 6,900% GAINS!!

$MCP - Moly Corp. 7.99

We alerted the stock offering news pre market on MCP and what a short she was right after the bell. She had a little bounce and then a lovely fade to 6.30 after hours, 5.75 being current support on a broken chart. Feb 8 call 412.5%, feb 9 call 283%.
Now MCP has been a great trade till they sold her off early december on rumors of the stock offering they just did. I think thats already baked into the stock and after all i don't care how bearish some are on the stock, it is best of breed.

We went long when she started looking strong and we could have put a second support in at 6.30 but we'll have to see. We are currently bullish but at first look of weakening we have no issue shorting her again. Either way we have a Sweet Trade AGAIN with $MCP. Looking at the feb 8 and 9 calls, monthly and weekly.

$SINA - 57.05

$SINA TIME!! HANG ON TO YOUR BOOT STRAPS TRADERS!! I THINK THIS WEEK $SINA BREAKS OUT!! ( Fingers Crossed) She touched the weekly 200day resistance once already (58.77) and is coming back for more. Be ready imo. Were talking a 11.00 move on a high beta stock. I grabbed the feb 57.5 calls @2.00. You see her push through that weekly 200 day 58.77-59.00 its on! Traders Swinging this stock are presented wth daily +100% ers on either side of the trade, all the while keeping a nice uptrend. Stay with this one, we are $$$

$GNW - Genworth Financial 9.48

Originally Alerted to you 10/08/12 at 5.39 and here we are at the target we were looking for. Think of the money a trader could have made just sticking with GNW and swinging and or day trading her???
OK HERE's THE DEAL, Serious BREAKOUT coming imo. We are now butting our heads on the 200day ma resistance on the daily chart. Looking at the monthly chart we see her breaking out past her 50 day resistance. Monthly showing a MACD cross and 13 day ma is looking at crossing above the 20 day soon also. Always keep in mind if she fails to break, we can always catch some downside too.
Looking at the 9,10 and 11 calls

$RSH - Radio shack Inc. 2.62

This stock has been beaten down for so long i almost forgot about her. Charts broken yes. Looking at fridays move, she could be getting ready to give us more or who knows maybe the start of a new uptrend. Check it! Every chart time i look at tells me we go higher! daily, weekly and monthly. Monthly chart almost showing a MACD cross. Imo its on folks!
Options volume is strong all the way out till july.
Now after fridays run with that last candle way outside the bollies, i'd say she will pullback before continuing but we have no crystal ball so we'll just have to see.

$RFMD - RF Micro Devices 5.13

Message board alert at 4.10-5.20 off the technicals and they came out with decent earnings recently so i expect more upside from here. Shes on the verge of breaking through the weekly 200 day ma and the monthly 100 day ma resistance. Once past this i see more upside. Looking at the 5 calls.

$TSL - Trina Solar Inc. 5.08

Ive never stopped swinging this trade and love it. TSL still hanging on to the daily 200 day support at 4.96-5.00. I am fully loaded on this position feb 6 calls and my bets on upside from here but if not i will reverse position. If this happens we have a 50% fib at 4.67 and next leg down is 5.06 the 38.2 fib for retracements. This will be a sweet move either way and has made me and others lots of dough. High call volume and in the 6 call now. Short would be the 4 or 5 put if she breaks down. 6-7 if we break out imo.

$AMD - Advance Micro designs Inc. 2.85

AMD Nice breakout above the 100 day ma on the daily chart. We are playing the 3 calls from here. Short term target is the daily 200 day ma. Closing over the 12.8 fib line and very strong weekly indicators.

$DNDN - Dendreon Corp. 6.25

DNDN at 6.28 been holding the 23.6 fib line and now we see 13 ma line has crossed 200 and the 20 ma line right behind it, if we fail to hold here look at the 200 and the 38.2 fib line.
Looking at the 6 and 7 calls from here for upside. Not much put volume thus far.

$ETRM - Entromedics Inc. 2.86

Message board alert at 2.73. Not only do we like the technicals but we think this is a great spec trade on ETRM maybe getting approved on their lastest weight loss drug. Studies seem to show its a better product then VVUS and ARNA are currently offering.
This could be huge!! The options spreads are stupid but may improve. For now we like the stock.

$SNSS - Sunesis Pharm

Does This Weekly chart look Ripe or What?

$BIDU - Bidu Inc.

BIDU at 108 alot going on here laying on the lower trend line we are looking at 104 to 105 area for reversal if we dont hold the trend line


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