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Alerts that HIT last week and Why You Should Keep Following all Our Picks Week after Week.

$FCEL 45% .90-1.30 and continue to like the stock and one to watch for a recovery in 2013. Weekly 200 day ma is our next target.

$IVAN BREAKOUT! Up 106% from our last alert at .47, 1st alert gave us 44% playing her off her triple bottom. She goes higher.


$MU Over 10,000% Gains
$BIDU Over 1000% Gains
$MCP Over 1000% Gains
$VVUS Over 1000% Gains
$TSL Over 1000% Gains
$URI Over 1000% Gains
$DNDN Over 1000% Gains
$GNW Over 1000% Gains



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Here's what we have on the Grill this Week

Small Cap Stocks we are liking this week

$EBR - Centrais El 3.57

EBR engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity in Brazil. The company projects, builds, and operates generating power plants, and electric power transmission and distribution lines; and holds concessions to offer electric power distribution services.

Nice Breakout above the 50 day ma resistance. I want to see her continue trading above the 50.

$FIG - Fortress Investment Group 5.17

Message board alert at 4.50-5.17 and we have a BREAKOUT! She's out of the bollies so maybe expect a pull back and continuation.
Monthly chart showing a golden cross. Hope we see some options volume soon.

$KWK - Quicksilver Resources 3.10

Watch KWK for a reversal from this area, she could pull back a bit more here but when she decides to reverse, we will see some nice gains. We have been playing KWK for years. When and if she does take off to the upside, look at the 3 & 4 feb calls. Options always get activity when she moves.

$TLAB - Tellabs Inc. 2.25

Looking at TLAB for a reversal. 2.16 is our soft support. She breaks this watch for a dip and rip. 1.93 hard support.

$FU - Fab Universal Corp. 3.59

We alerted $FU at 2.95 at our message board for 34% and after a pull back i'm liking her again here. Now finding support on her weekly 200day ma resistance. Daily 200 day ma is our support.

$GKK - Gramercy Capital 3.35

Alerted right here at 2.92-3.44, 18% and has BROKEN OUT! LOVE IT!!
Notice how she trades to the top bollie then down to the 20 day ma and back up? Watching for options volume to come in.

$BIIB - Biogen Idec 144.28

Nice set up off the daily 200 day support. 50 day support on the weekly chart. She must hold. Looking at the 150 feb calls 1.30x1.45, spread should tighten imo.

$GNW - Genworth Financial 9.15

This one if you remember was a high flyer for us in December with over 1000% gains. Watch for the gap fill. Here's the deal as i see it, shes very close to her weekly resistance but the chart and news has been strong. We are looking to short her as she weakens at that point, not expecting alot of downside but am staying on her both ways. I feel this one is poised to breakout soon imo.

$SINA - 55.63

Cha Ching!
Last weeks alert on a play to breakout weekly resistance. SINA traded to the 200 day on the daily chart and had a little pull back to the 20 day ma before running up to new highs! Making sweet money with SINA hope you are too. Closing strong friday above the 200day ma= Bullish. We need to continue trading above the 200 and then our next stop is the weekly 200 day resistance around the 59 area. Here we can expect a pull back, maybe a good time to lay some puts on her and then reverse and ride back up. I am betting she breaks this resistance at some point before earnings and if not, we still have a nice short trade.

$IAG - IAMGOLD Inc. 11.00

Gold is making a comeback and Looking at IAG for a reversal. Options activity has increased quite a bit. Looking at the 11 & 12 calls. 10.62 is soft support and 10.47 being hard support.

$SD - Sandridge Energy Inc. 7.02

Previous 1000+% Gainer! Ready for More Gains?? Now trading above her 200 day support. Around the 8 area the 200day ma on the weekly chart is my target and where would be a good time to reverse position. We have been enjoying this ride, hope you have too. We like the 7 & 8 feb calls.


$BIDU, we were spot on last week, dont think we hold the 23.6 fibonocci here and look at the 3 trader pivot points below between 104 and 105 area for a long position.

$RIMM - Research in motion 15.74

RIMM at 15.74 was a Skype and Ihub Board alert at 12.25 this week. That has almost hit the 38.2 fibonacci line at 16.68 area. We are seeing a resistance channel between 16.86 and 18.00 area for us to take a short position on and the indies are strong on the chart. Watch for it to Gap into that resistance channel if so take profits.

$APPL - Apple Inc.

$APPL At $500 here on 1/21 /13, she continues to flounder around and trading into the point of that wedge formation. Look for a spike to 515 area 13 ma line on the weekly chart and then fail and retest the lows and eventually hit the 38.2 fib at 465 area.

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