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OPTIONS EXPIRATION THIS WEEK. (Jan options are stricktly day trades for us.)

Alot of Last Weeks Trades were Huge Opportunities. RECAPPING

$SPY Mid Week We alert a reversal at 145 and she has not looked back since, next upside fibonacci line is the 76.4 line at 147.8 area which is right under the top at 148.1.

$ES Breaking out Up 20.% from our 3.20-3.88 alert.

$ASYS Huge Reversal we alerted you all to, Up 38.6% from our 3.00-4.16 mention. Watch for a continuation after the retracement here, stick with this one imo.

$RAS Up 25% Real estate trust ~ BREAKOUT above the 200 day ma on
the weekly chart. What we were waiting for. Boom! We first alerted $RAS at 5.06 and all the way to the 200day breakout and hitting new highs of 6.32, closing at 6.20. I don't see any resistance until the 38.2 fib. Jan 5 & 6 calls showing most volume.

$PAL our palladium trade we alerted at 1.30-1.69, 30% to date. She hit out first target, the 100 day ma on the daily chart, pullingback a bit now and see a continuation to the 200 day once she trades above that resistance and becomes support. Daily chart shows a golden cross so she will be on high watch next week.

$ATSG Up 15.3% from our 3.79-4.37 and headed to the daily 200 day as predicted.

$OWW Broke out to new highs of 3.31 over 43% hitting our traget of the weekly 100 day ma. Pullingback now.

$CLNT 4.37 slowly moving up and still have conviction.

$BIOF 4.39 Consolidating and churning after the nice run she had but hasn't filled the gap? So its hard to say what she wants to do. Keep this one on radar.

SPEC Trading Idea. $CXZ .14 We are alerting this Pure speculation trade here and needs to hold .12, Weekly chart shows a nice reversal.

$AAPL ran with the NOK news was about the Highlight of the week for them, we see AAPL trading into the point of this wedge on a weekly chart using the upper and lower trend lines you can clearly see the Pattern, this will breakout next week imo.
We need to hold this daily trend line around 516 or we go lower, we have the weekly 100 ma line down at 477 and the monthly lower trendline at around 470.

$BIDU Jan 110 Calls today up 1,566% Gains which we have been alerting from weekly 200day ma support. Sick Gains! We cant alert the trigger on all the stocks we put on the watch list which is why we count on our members to follow the chart technicals and trade them accordingly. We can only lead the camel to water. We cannot make the camel drink.

WOW! after calling the Reversal at the 50% fibonocci line at the 90.00 area this has been a monster, we see both candle resistance and the 200 ma line on the daily chart at 116 area, we also created a candle above the upper bollie on Friday so expect a little slow down here the next few days imo. We are looking at a possible pullback to 111.00-112.00 with hard support at 107.00 area. We are looking at jan-feb outs here also. 110-115 puts seem most active.

$DNDN Hitting new highs monday morning at 6.51, this was the time to lock in gains as people took profits and she retraced all the way to early decembers resistance of 5.09 which is now support. Now if you were following this pullback you could have gotten the jan 6 call for .05 at low and sold friday for a 820% GAIN!! Jan 6 call did over 200% friday alone. DNDN Hitting her head on the 200 day ma on the daily chart 2nd time, coming up on the 38.2% fib and see her retesting previous highs, if she can continue, then we see a continuation to the 23.6 fibinocci line. Or she could fail lol, support at 5.05 here. Chart still intact just has to fight through.
Looking at 6 & 7 jan & feb calls

$HK pullback to 3.28 monday, then running up to 7.99 thursday. We alerted this trade as a play off the 200 day ma which we love at 5.50 and has run up to 7.87, almost our target of the 200 day ma daily. Jan 8 strike friday yielded 150%. Been a great trade for us.

$MCP which has been a great trade for us had a bad week catching rumor news on possibly the company doing a stock offering and tanked over 20%. Now i smell an opportunity here after this dust settles. We are looking for $MCP to maybe retrace a bit more here and then rip to the upside again. Keep her on high watch this week. Strikes were looking at is the feb 8 or 9 call.

$NFLX did exactly what we posted last Sunday look at 103 as short term resistance and a pull back before moving higher towards the 20 day ma line on the weekly chart at 113 area, Remember this stock has doubled from its $52.00 low and we could see a nice profit taking sell off soon.


These trading ideas are plays on chart breakouts and profits we can make if this happens. Check it out.

$ANR - Alpha Natural Resources 9.55.

Coal stocks have retraced a little and i am looking at one of our previous winning trades $ANR. We had a breakout above our 200 day ma on the daily chart and retraced all the way to the 200 day ma. We love buying on 200 day support on stocks. $ANR is hit strong resistance at the 50 day ma. Looking for a break above this 50 day weekly resistance. looking at feb 9 & 10 calls.

$SINA - 54.97

This stock has had a nice run to the daily 200 day ma and the weekly 50 day ma with the 200 day ma right above. This is what were watching. If $SINA can bust through this 200 day resistance we could see 75.00!! So this is one not to miss.
Looking at the feb 57.5 and up calls.

$TIBX - Tibco Software 22.95

This is a trading idea on another play off the 200 day weekly ma line. Bouncing once already from 18.95-22.95 and hitting her head on daily chart resistance of her 50day ma. Looking for a breakout past this 50day ma and if so we could see 27.00, the daily 200 day ma. Weekly resistance at the 100 & 50 day ma's. Soft support at 21.50 and hard support at 18.95.

$TSL - Trina Solar 5.62

This has been a Huge ATM for us and lots of other traders due to the feedback we have gotten. Congrats. Last long trade i closed last week after hitting 5.91 highs was for over 455% Gains!!
After this huge run from our alert at 3.10 by the way she has pulled back to previous resistance the 5.50 area and has held as she is consolidating. We could see a retest of the 61.8% fibinocci retracement at 5.30 area but we are looking to put on this trade again. Looking at the 6 & 7 strikes.

$ITMN - Intermune Pharm. 10.22

Still waiting for this breakout and reminder. She has to hold the daily 200 day ma support and once through her weekly 50 day ma we see some nice upside.

$CAT From Our Swing Alert around $80.00 on 11/14/12 We have Seen The W formation Mid Point here at 94.50 hold back above it. Next upside Fibonacci targets 50% at 97.50 ish, 61.8% at 102 ish. Use 38.2 fib line at 93.00 at hard support.

CAT gonna break lower weekly trend line here and see 200 ma line 75.50 ish , but first target seeing lower bolli and double weekly bottom at 79 area

$STP $1.89 now, our first alert 7 trading days ago at 1.28 hit 2.00 now a nice pull back here and look for a break above 2.00 imo weekly chart building strength.


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