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2012 Was a Huge Year for Us and the Gains were Off the Charts! Our End of the year Stock Picks have been Stellar to say the Least, congrats to Those that Profited.
Little Bit about Manic Stock Alerts. We are Technical Traders and Scour the Markets for Bottom Plays, News Plays and Any Trading Ideas That Have the Potential to Make Us Money.

SPY We have seen it hit the first of 3 points of the upper trend line that it broke back above that line when we had the big Fiscal cliff gap look for a retest of that 148 area to create a double top as we see the rsi and mfi in the power zone in the 60s

Small Cap Stocks.

We have a keen eye on finding chart bottoms, possible reversal trades, continuation trades as Well as Shorting Ideas.
When we alert you to a stock, ITS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to Time them before they start their move to the upside. Once stocks find a bottom and hold support, they all have different time frames on how long they consolidate and churn before they take off. This could be immediately, days or weeks. We never know. So WE RELY ON YOU and your own technical skills to chose the stock you like, follow it and enter as well as exit on your own expertise. We try and offer a variety of stocks and option plays that appeal to everyone.


We try and offer a variety of option ideas and try and keep this as simple as possible. Nothing fancy just buying and selling calls and puts. We never can predict the direction of the market or stock, so we and YOU should be prepared to take direction either side at all times, long or short. Our Option chains that we post images on are end of week action and calls as well as puts, volume-open interest may change come monday morning. So we always see where the volume and interest is in any of the calls and puts before entering as this changes daily.

The Feedback has been Huge and we appreciate all the positive emails and stories of your trades. Keep the Trading questions coming and we will try and answer them all in the order that we receive them. We are here to help.

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RECENT HUGE WINNERS and STILL IN PLAY! HOPE YOU STAYED ON THE TRAIN. NOTE: Stock mentioned here are all still in uptrends but i will make a note by the ones i think have most upside potential

$BIOF we alerted a intra day alert 12/11/12 and Ran from 4.56-5.66 for 22% Gains.
12/24/12 Newsletter we alerted you to watch the Retracement on $BIOF which we knew would be huge when she reversed direction. Will be watching for a reversal in $BIOF, slowly breaking down. At the 76.4 fib now, 3.50 area on radar. $BIOF retraced a bit lower to 3.39 12/31/12 where she started her upward momentum, closing at 3.70 and traded up to highs of 5.44 for 55.5% Gains. Congrats to traders that paid attention. We think we have reversal confirmation and Strongly like BIOF going forward. This stock makes monster moves and chart history shows more huge upside.

$CLNT Another huge gainer for us UP 164.4% from first alert at 2.08-5.50. 12/11/12 we alerted a pull back in CLNT and if you followed you would have been rewarded with 34% Gains 3.76-5.04 and again when she retraced to 3.61-4.61 for another 27.7% gain.
This stock is right on target technically speaking although not as fast as i would like but see this stock moving up more once she finishes her retracement. We could see a retracement to the 3.40ish-23.6% fibonocci line area.

HUGE REVERSALS OF 2012-2013. Don't Miss These!

12/31/12 $ZLC Alert 4.06-4.84, 24.6%. Pulling back and She needs to hold the 200 day ma on the daily chart. 3.85 current support

12/20/12 $ASYS Alert at 3.00-3.94, 31.3%. Huge reversal in the making. This baby is going strong and our next target is the daily 200 day and once past that the weekly 50 day if the momentum carries.

12/24/12 $CEDC Alert 2.20-2.46. 11.8%. Nice breakout here with our next target being either the daily 200 day or the weekly 50 day ma. Once this co gets their books and debt straight i can see this stock going back to highs. 28.00? lol

12/31/12 $ATSG 3.79-4.29 Alert, 26.3%. Breakout chart with our target same as before the daily or weekly 200 day ma.

12/31/12 $REFR Alert at 3.56-4.00, 12.3%. Nice reversal and upside here with our next target being the top bollie. Shes up against strong resistance on the weekly chart, the 100 & 200 day ma resistance. Once she passes that this stock should move sweet imo.

12/31/12 NLST .79-.83 Alert. .70 support must hold and looking ripe for a move up from here. 126.5% Message board alert 12/5/12 at .79-1.31. Expecting a similar result.

$URI Not Recent but Worth Mentioning

$URI alerted 10/21/12 at 38.58-48.99 on great earnings and potential. URI we are proud to say has BROKE OUT TO ALL TIME HIGHS of 48.99, 27% Gain and consistent option gains of well over 1000%

$VG 2.24-2.50 11.6% gains and is looking like she is headed for another Breakout from here imo. Finding nice Support off her weekly 200 day ma. Next target i would say is the weekly 100 day resistance.

12/3/12 $CPE 4.69-5.24, 21.3%. Closing friday above her 200 day ma and looking to breakout! Watch this one, previous highs 6.55 in sept. 2012. Next target is the weekly 100 day ma resistance, finding support on the monthly 50 day, once she breaks the 20day ma on the monthly chart i don't see any real resistance till the 200 day at 10+.

11/20/12-12/3/12 $HERO alert at 4.51-6.71, 48.7%. Huge breakout and next resistance i see is 6.99. Keep on her till the end and then we will look for a short position. Congrats traders.

12/3/12 $OWW 2.31-3.09, 43.2% Gains

Baby here. Finding support at 2.07, 2.06 was may 2011 low, so i like she bounced from 2.07. 1st target is the weekly 100 day ma.
We have our first target to the T. She breaks this resistance, our next target is the weekly 200 day ma.

12/3/12 $RAS 5.06-5.99, 19.7%

This one has been a great trade for us and just waiting for her to breakout. First alerted beginning of sept at 5.06-5.70 and is looking very strong again. Needs to break this 200 day ma and we have some very nice upside.

We have the breakout above the 200 day that we were looking for. Monthly chart showing her trading above her 50 day ma and a Golden cross approaching. This chart looks like shes gonna Go nice. Nice Upside in this one.

12/10/12 $CQB alert in june at 4.70 and again at 7.41-8.51, 21%. Lovely run chiquita had in since june. Will prolly retrace from here but my next target is the weekly 100 day ma.

11/09/12 HUGE BREAKOUT $RDN 6.48, 4.56-6.50, 42.5% Which was a alert to watch for a break above the 200 day weekly resistance which she did. Dont see much in her way till the 7.40ish area imo.
Looking at the Jan 6 or 7.5 calls maybe, depending on interest.

12/3/12 $SD alert 5.62-7.32, 30.2%. Hitting 430% Options gains in dec. We have a retracement and continuation as planned. Kissing the daily 200 day ma resistance at 6.70 and pulling back, closing under at 6.56. She breaks through this resistance our next target is the weekly 200 day ma.

11/12/12 $HK alert at 5.51-7.50, 36%. Great trade here peaking out at 7.50, above her daily 100 day ma and retraced below to the 50 day ma and now above the 100 again and holding this 100 day support. She holds this i see next target as the daily 200 day or the 50 day ma resistance on the weekly chart.

$GNW Original alert 10/8/12 and again 12/3/12 5.39-8.28 17% Gains. 516% Dec options gains. This Baby is a serious breakout and hope you continued to follow. We stand by our target of the weekly 200 day ma, closing friday strong above the 100 day ma.
Jan 7.5 calls looking interesting, UP 145% friday alone. .69-.82.
Priced at .80x.82. Jan 9 calls .05. Don't miss the next move.

11/23/12 $MCP alert at 8.00-11.75, 46.8%, $MCP options over 2000% Daily chart shes up against her 100 day ma resistance and once through i don't see any resistance till top bollie or the daily 200 day ma.

$BIDU has been a monster swing trade from our 50% fibonocci pull back alert around the 200 ma line on weekly chart from the 1st week of December, giving us gains from 88.00 to last weeks high 107.00 at the 20 day moving avg. line on the weekly chart, next upside resistance is the daily 100 day ma line at around 107 and then the upper weekly trend line at 113 area. We will use the 103 area at soft support.

$NFLX nice sideways accumulation for the last 3 weeks, looking for the weekly chart 13 ma line to cross the 50 ma line here soon and next upside target at 200 ma line 112 but we might see some resistance at the 61.8 fib line at 103 area first lets use 50% fib lib line as hard support at 93.00 area.

BIOS Have Been So Hot! We are Sticking with This Basket!

$VVUS 10.33-14.01 Alert is up almost 10% and has netted us Over 1000% Options gains! VVUS Huge run and trade for us for months. She is hitting her 100 day ma resistance on the weekly chart. MACD showing a nice cross here, she gets through this my next target is around 17.20ish.

$DNDN Originally Alerted 11/21/12 at 4.18-6.20 to date, 24% Gain with options gains for this month alone over 360% Huge Breakout chart here, coming up on our first target, the daily 200 day ma and if she pushes through that i see the weekly 50 day ma as resistance. Weekly 13 day ma has crossed above the 20 day ma, bullish confirmation.

$ITMN Original 9/4/12 alert at 7.41-10.55, 13.5%. BREAKOUT daily chart, closing well above her 200 day ma, but hitting 50 day ma resistance on the weekly chart. Once past this weekly resistance i see the 200 day ma as resistance. This daily 200 ma should serve as support now, looking for a continuation from this area. This stock has just begun.

12/16/12 $LXRX - Lexicon Pharm. 2.30, Alert at 1.77-2.40, 35.5%. Beautiful Breakout chart and golden cross. Our next target is the top bollie on the weekly chart.

1/5/12 $OREX 6.04, Alert at 4.75-6.39, 34.5%. Still see more upside here with jan 6 calls doing over 100% friday. Trading well above her weekly 200 day ma and hitting the top bollie. Watching for a move higher. Looking at jan 6 & 7 calls.

11/14/12 $MNKD 1.91-2.55, Alert 52.3%. Our target is the triple top and or 100 day ma resistance. I would expect a pull back from there and retest and if she gets above our target is the weekly 200 day ma. 2.5 and 3 calls did over 100% friday.

$11/18/12 $NTES 43.40, was a trading idea play off her 200 day weekly support which she broke and we went short. She retraced back to 37.00 and is now looking like a reversal. Weekly chart showing she is hitting her head against the 200 day ma and once through i see the 100 day ma as resistance. 37.00 is support she must hold. Nice upside in this stock.

12/31/12 $SWHC 8.80, Alert at 8.18-8.96, 9.5%. Closing above her daily 200 day resistance. Showing signs of a nice reversal. She holds the 200 day, our next target is the daily 100 day ma.
Jan looking at 9 & 10 calls

We were one of the first to start alerting the Solar Sector Reversal and is UP HUGE SINCE!

12/10/12 $FSLR - First Solar Alert at 29.91-35.60

$FSLR from our first alert 29.81 we saw her hit the 61.8 fib area at $35.60 and now having a small technical pull back here ,we will need to hold the 20 ma line on the daily chart as wee see the 13 and 20 parallel with each other, our next upside target area is the gap between 39.00 and 41.00 back in February. We also have the 76.4 fibonacci at 41,00 area as well.

12/12/12 $TSL - Trina Solar 4.92, Alert at 3.10-5.54, 78.7%. Multiple over 500% Gainers on this one. Jan 4 call up 983.3% .12-1.30.
Chart has hit her head on the daily 200 day ma resistance and the weekly 50 day, closing below. We will prolly see a pullback to the 13 or 20 day ma before trying to break out. She breaks through this 200 day i see the weekly 100 day ma as our next target.

12/16/12 $LDK Solar 2.14~ Alert at .90-2.17, 141% Gains!


12/31/12 $PAL - North american palladium. Alert at 1.30-1.56. 20% Trading above her 50 day ma. Sweet reversal with our next target being the 100 and then 200 day ma on the daily chart.

12/31/13 $RBY - Rubicon minerals. Alert at 2.34-2.69. 15%. Lovely reversal now pulling back from highs, closing at 2.48. 2.34 is support here and must hold but im looking for another move up here soon.

12/31/12 $TGB - Taseko Mines. 3.22, Might see a pullback here. Breakout chart with our target being the weekly 200 day ma.

12/10/12 $AMD Alert at 2.35-2.57 where we had a little pullback and now shes looking like she wants to breakout. The daily 100 day or the weekly 20 day ma is our next target.
Jan 2.5 & 3 calls looking interesting.


12/16/12 $ANR Alert at 9.68-10.46, 10.3%. Breakout chart here but is coming up on strong resistance, the weekly 50 day ma, once she gets above that 50 day ma resistance which should become support and then Our target from there would be in between the 23.6 & the 38.2 Fibinocci Retracement from the 28.76 swing high.

$JRCC - James river coal 3.60. 1st Alert from 3.88-5.89 and again at 3.14 and we caught the dip and shes run up to 3.67. Daily breakout chart but shes coming up on her weekly 50 day ma. She gets above this we have some nice upside. Coal sector im not 100% sold on how high it can go but with trading, the trend is always your friend. Looking at the jan 4 calls which did 100% friday.



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