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December has been a great month for us and 2012 has been a HUGE Year for us with Possible All Time Gains!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and glad its over lol. We WISH YOU and YOUR FAMILIES A SAFE and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!! LETS MAKE 2013 BETTER THAN LAST.


I'm sure you all are as sick as us, of hearing Fiscal Cliff Worries. But will prolly present some great trades in the process.

As Far as going forward with any long positions, we must watch the news for update on the bums in washington finally cutting a deal and watching the DOW and SPY.

We are ready to take either side long or short here. SPY 139.3 on 12/29/12 chart as we can see has traded back down inside this wedge formation after a nice head fake to the upside, look to continue lower towards the lower trend line but watch the next 2 fibonocci points below

Lots of Our Previous Trading Ideas Are Looking Great Again. Stick With Whats Been Working, Why Change?


The Whole sector has taken a beating but now seeming to get some positive news. Here are a few ideas.

$JRCC - James River Coal

JRCC breaking the daily 100 day ma. Looking at the 76.4% fib. for possible reversal. Jan calls and puts not really showing much volume but feb is. This all could change monday.

$PAL - North American Palladium 1.30

Reversal watch here. 1.15 bounce to 1.31. Triple bottom, needs to hold here or she will retest lows. 1.03-.90 next legs down. Looking for a nice bounce when she finally confirms. Oddly enough i see the Jan 1 calls showing some interest. .30x.40 781 open interest, 163 volume.

$RBY - Rubicon Minerals 2.34

Looking for a bounce off the monthly 100 day ma support. Needs to hold 2.34 or i will be looking for a bounce off the 76.4 fib around 1.87ish.

We still love last weeks $NSU alert coming off her weekly 200 day ma support.

$NLST - Netlist Inc. .79

126.5% Message board alert 12/5/12 at .79-1.31. Shes retraced back to .70, closing at .75 friday. Want to see her hold .70 here but .65 is hard support she needs to hold.

$RDN - Radian Group 5.72

11/09/12 4.56 alert to watch for a break above the 200 day resistance which she did once. Shes looking like she wants to continue, nice upside in this chart. Feb 6 calls looking most active @.45x.50

$ZLC - Zale Jewelers 4.06

12/17/12 Alert


[REVERSAL WATCH Previous Monster alert at 2.35-7.66 for 226% Gains for subscribers.
Zale took a 30% hit on missed earnings guidance. Must hold 4.15 the 200 day ma on the daily chart.]

She broke the daily support we were betting on and dipped to 3.85 and bounced off her weekly 200 day support. This is it and should move from here imo.

OPTIONS We're Sticking With Whats Been Working! Trading the chart and market sentiment. Ready to go either way. Adding Smith & Wesson to the mix this week. Will be a great trade either way, all depending on news and the politicians.

SWHC- Smith & Wesson corp. 8.18

Watching for confirmation to go long or short. Nice bounce from 7.67 to the 200 day ma on the daily chart. Retracing and looking for a reversal. Bottom bollie-50 day ma Support on the weekly is what we're watching, she broke below and bounced up above and holding but if she breaks that then we will be watching the weekly 100 & 200 day and the 23.6 fib around 6.60ish.

$MCP - Molycorp 9.07

Huge trade for us. MCP retracing from recent highs, hanging on to 9.07 support by a thread. 4 days ago we called the retracement at 9.50-10.00 61.8 fib. Some strong support coming up and looking at the 50% fib around 8.75ish for a reversal.
Looking at the 9 and 10 calls. 9, 10 and 11 puts depending on volume.

$NFLX - Netflix 89.33

What a crazy ride this ones been lol. She peaked out at the gap fill at 98.50. Coming up on old resistance which is now support, the 23.6 fib and if she breaks that i will be looking at the jan 90 put or 90 call if she reverses or want to play the bounce, we should see a nice bounce from there. This one you can't take your eyes off like AAPL but are great trading vehicles if you follow their patterns.

$FSLR - First Solar 29.80

Watching here sitting on support. She breaks were looking at the 23.6 fib and strong support at the 38.2 fib and the 50 day ma on the weekly chart. 30 calls showing most volume and 28 & 27 on the puts. Nice potential either side imo.

$TSL - Trina Solar 4.22

Previous 500+% Gainer for us. Trading the retracement.
Has to hold her 38.2 fib support around 4.05ish and if she breaks i'll be looking at the 3.25 area. On the long side we are watching the 200 day daily or the 50 day ma on the weekly chart. Daily chart showing a golden cross.
4 and 5 calls showing most volume as of friday and 4 puts.

$DNDN - Dendreon 5.21

Sticking with this one. Hanging on to her 76.4 fib. here with Still plenty of upside imo but watching for a possible pull back to 5.05 area or the 61.8 fib.

$BIDU - Bidu Corp 99.00

Bidu hanging onto the weekly 13 day ma-23.6 fib here around 99. Hitting her head on the 50 day ma daily. Watching for a possible break below to 90.44 but overall chart still looks bullish.

Weekly options i seldom use unless its a day trade.
jan 4 exp looking at 100 & 105 calls, 95 & 97.5 puts.
Jan 13 exp 105 & 100 calls showing most volume. Weeklies showing almost daily doubles.

JAN Looking at 100 & 105 calls, 100-97.5- 95 puts. See what volumes like this week.


Watching 12.90 61.8 fib support or a dip to the 60 min 200 day ma around 12.70ish.
Looking at 12.5 & 14 calls and 12.5 puts depending on volume.


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