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You Asked and We Delivered!!


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Little about what we do.
We are technical traders and try and offer you the best chart set ups we can find with upside potential. We rely on your own experience to know when to enter these trading ideas.

Not all of these ideas go up right out of the gate, some pull back a bit first and or some consolidate longer than expected before the move. Knowing your support, resistance and basic charting skills is crucial to being successful. I would rather be early on a good call then late.

Any Trading related questions or chart related please feel free and email us and we'll answer them in the order we receive them.

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$VG - Vonage Inc.

This was a alert back end of october at 2.24 which had a modest gain till the market corrected and is looking good again. Our support here is the 200 day ma on the daily chart.

GKK - Gramercy Capital 2.92

Finding support on her 100 day ma on the daily chart and needs to break the 100 day ma on the weekly chart. RSI & MFI are strong and is on breakout watch here. Our support here is the 100 day ma.

GNW - Genworth Financial 5.95

Interesting chart here. Possible breakout chart and if not i see a decent short. Coming up on the 200 day ma resistance on the daily chart and the 50 day on the weekly. 2 tries so far and has not been able to break that 50 day. If she does than its a nice breakout and if she can't then i'll short it using the dec or jan 6 puts.

Dec 6 Calls .18
6 Puts .24
Jan 6 Calls .32
6 Puts .38

CPE - Callon petro 4.69

Previous alert from 4.40-6.55. Rinse and repeat time? Same Price alert lol. 11/20/12 alert at 4.40 in our message board.

HERO - Hercules Petro. 5.16

Message board alert at 4.51 11/20/12, finding support and coming off her 200 day ma on the daily chart. Sweet Breakout chart!!
Dec and Jan Calls seeing volume
Dec 5 calls .35
Jan calls .50


OWW - Orbitz Worldwide 2.31

Baby here. Finding support at 2.07, 2.06 was may 2011 low, so i like she bounced from 2.07. 1st target is the weekly 100 day ma.

RAS - Rait Financial Trust 5.55

This one has been a great trade for us and just waiting for her to breakout. First alerted beginning of sept at 5.06-5.70 and is looking very strong again. Needs to break this 200 day ma and we have some very nice upside.


Reversal Watch, Previous 41% Winner for us at 2.88-4.06. This one pulled back more than i expected and just sitting here at 1.68. Must hold 1.50 support here or she goes lower but wanted to mention if she goes ballistic

$HALO Breaks out last friday


We still Like the Ideas from last week and are making us money so why divert.

$BIDU Retracing friday from highs of 99.40 from our alert at the 200 day ma on the weekly chart!! 90.40-99.40 HUGE CALL, This is only the beginning of the potential. Looking for the 13 day retest and if she cant hold we will retest the weekly 200 day ma. $$

$SD - SandRidge Energy, Inc.

Dec 5 and 6 calls
Dec 5 calls .88x.92
Dec 6 calls .22x.25
Jan 5 calls .98x1.02
Jan 6 calls .42x.45

$MCP - Molycorp, Inc.

$MCP we grabbed 8 calls at .63 once she broke the 200 day ma on the 60 min chart. Next resistance we see is
50 day ma on the daily chart. Plenty more upside, trading at 8.62, same .63 call is 1.10 up 74.6%

IACI - Interactive Corp. 47.15

Love this company and caught the bounce sorta late but look for a retrace from the 200 day daily ma, weekly chart shows nice upside so im looking for a long after she pulls back.

Dec 50 calls .25x.35
Jan 50 calls .70x.80


last weeks 10.33 alert. Riding this one all the way. Locked in 280% gains from last week and waiting on the next move. Shes holding the 200 day ma on the weekly chart and has already pulled back from 12.59 to 11.30. Watching for a retest of the 200 day support.

Dec 11 calls .94x1.01
Dec 12 calls .55x.60


Still like this as she holds her weekly 200 day ma support.
Looking at Dec 45 calls around .60


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