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This is my second attempt at writing this newsletter seeing good old firefox crashed and erased all my previous work. 12:30am as i write this so bare with me.

Overall market has reversed and is great for our longs. $SPY bounced from her 50 day ma on the weekly chart and We have been spot on with our annotation look for possible pull back to 100 ma line before we move higher seeing 2 trader pivot points 143 area

Reasons you should follow our message board is the alerts we post as we see them during the day play out and almost impossible to alert every pull back on all the stocks we follow but will offer such when we offer a premium subscription some day.

We plan on incorporating a message board in our new website so members can see our daily posts and interact with us also. Good stuff so stay tuned. Giving you all a Great Assortment of real nice trading ideas.

Note: Options quotes are from fridays close so may change by monday morning.

$NG - NovaGold Resources Inc.

This is repeat offender week looks like, with many previous alerts looking good at the same time and they are familiar to us which is all the better. Repeat offender 1, Huge previous trade for us alerting at 8/8/12 3.77-4.63 for a 68% Gain for members.
2nd Leg alert 11/21/12 at 4.35

Options showing the most volume is the Dec 5 call .10x.15, bid x ask

$PIP - PharmAthene, Inc.

PIP 1.17 lots of buying volume last week and looking at the upper bollinger band as 1st target

$HEK - Heckmann Corporation

Repeat offender 2 first alerted in aug at 2.77-5.14 for a 96% Gain for members. Cramer even likes it and helped me with the last pump lol, it was classic.
2nd Leg alert at 3.42 and looking at the 200 day ma as my first target on the weekly chart.

I like the 4 call here Dec or Jan

$TSYS - TeleCommunication Systems Inc.
$TSYS 2.36 chart below staying with this one from last week

$CNTF - China Techfaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited

$CNTF 1.29 could have a big Day here soon, nice ask volume Friday.

$ROYL - Royale Energy Inc.

Repeat offender 4, $ROYL Which was our Stock of the Month with a 135% Gain!for members 2.23-5.23
Alerting 2nd Leg at 3.31 and see this one breaking out hard like last time imo


Some Sweet Bio stocks fixing to make some serious moves here.

$HALO - Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.

Repeat offended 3, 1st Alerted 8/6/12 at 4.94-8.65 for a 75% Gain for members. 2nd Leg alert 11/20/12 at 5.44 and looking for a similar result. Target is the 50 day on the weekly, seeing it blew right past the 100 and 200 respectively last run.

Not much love in the options beside the Dec 5 call with 33 volume and 713 open interest. .80x.95

$DNDN - Dendreon Corp.

Dendreon a classic example of a penny stock that made it. Alerting here from a beautiful double bottom on her monthly chart at 4.18.
Some real nice upside in this chart if she can continue.

Option Chain Below

I grabbed the Dec 4.5 calls at .21 and are .28 now

$ETRM - EnteroMedics Inc.

Alerted this at 2.73 and has been moving nicely. Top bollie or the 200 day ma are my targets

$SD - SandRidge Energy, Inc.

11/20/12 alert at 5.62 with a target of the 200 day ma on the weekly chart.

I like the Dec 5 & 6 call
Dec 5 .79x.83
Dec 6 .22x.24

$MCP - Molycorp, Inc.

$MCP we grabbed 8 calls at .63 once she broke the 200 day ma on the 60 min chart. Next resistance we see is
50 day ma on the daily chart. Plenty more upside, trading at 8.62, same .63 call is 1.10 up 74.6%


last weeks 10.33 alert. Riding this one all the way. Locked in 280% gains from last week and waiting on the next move. Shes holding the 200 day ma on the weekly chart and has already pulled back from 12.59 to 11.35 then closed at 11.43. Watch for a continuation.
Grabbed the Dec 11 calls at 1.30 for another round.
This stock could double from here. Rode this baby up and down and some of you have been with me lol. Lots of fun.


This has been a great trade for us. We shorted her on the way down then alerting you to a bounce from 91 and then again when we alerted you to wait for her to reach the 200 day ma on the weekly chart. I grabbed the 95 call

$NTES Last Weeks Alert

Took her longer than i expected to hit her 200 day ma target but here we are. I grabbed the Dec 45 calls at .75

$AAPL The All Star


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