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You Asked and We Delivered!!


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$SD 428%
$GNW 294%

Little about what we do.
We are technical traders and try and offer you the best chart set ups we can find with upside potential. We rely on your own experience to know when to enter these trading ideas.

Not all of these ideas go up right out of the gate, some pull back a bit first and or some consolidate longer than expected before the move. Knowing your support, resistance and basic charting skills is crucial to being successful. I would rather be early on a good call then late.

Any Trading related questions or chart related please feel free and email us and we'll answer them in the order we receive them.

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$KWK - Quicksilver Resources Inc. 3.26

Stock we had on breakout watch and failed pulling back to 2.62 a lower low. We alerted at our message board at 3.16 and looks like we have the reversal we've been looking for. The weekly 50 day ma has been strong resistance for this stock and is our target.

Jan 4 calls showing most interest at .15x.20

$AUGT - Augme Technologies, Inc. .68

$AUGT looks like we have a very nice swing trade here at .68, must hold .63 area and might be a better entry but dont get cheap and miss this one imo.

$HK - Halc Inc. 6.59

$HK Continues, We alerted this one bouncing off her 200 day ma on the weekly chart and has been a great trade. Little slow confirming but held that support and up over a dollar from 5.51-6.65. She has more upside from here, Looking at the 100 day and 200 day as upside targets.

Looking at Jan 5 & 7 calls

Jan 5 calls 1.60x1.70. 92 Delta
Jan 7 calls .25x.30 .39 Delta
Jan 8 calls .06x.07

$CQB - Chiquita Brands International Inc. 7.41

Golden Cross! We Nailed this one back in june at 4.70-8.14 for a 73% Gain. Closing friday above her 50 day ma on both the daily and weekly chart. Weekly showing the 13 day ma crossing up through the 50day ma. The 100 day and 200 day ma are our targets. Support is the 100 day ma at 6.51.

Not much volume in the options except the Dec 7 calls. These will be decaying so looking for more volume to follow into Jan calls. We will not get into low volume Calls.

$NTS we first alerted this at .84 on 9/23 and hit high of 1.44 on 10/26. I'm watching this low volume shake out here at.94 and now the accumulation period, mfi is pegged above 90 and rsi is rising at 54.


$FSLR - First Solar, Inc. 29.91

Golden Cross on the Weekly chart. We were on this one from july but never alerted, our bad. $FSLR up huge from 11.43-31.36 bottom. Looking at the weekly chart we see a breakout and see no resistance till the 100 day ma. Will obviously see some pull backs along the way but we can play both sides here so.
Looking at the 29 and 30 calls and the 30 and 31 puts

$TSL - Trina Solar Limited 3.10

Solar stocks have been coming back and looking at one of the best of breeds here along with $FSLR.

$TSL our 1st target is the 13 day ma on the weekly chart which has been strong resistance in this downtrending chart and needs to show reversal confirmation of bullish trend. I would say if she pushes through the 13 and 20 day ma would be confirmation. Looking to short or use puts at 13 day ma and see what happens.
Will look for the 20 day ma as support on the pull back.

Dec options showing interest. Will look for volume to come into the jan and if so, i will roll out.
Dec 3 calls .23x.25, .61 Delta
Dec 3 puts .16x.19

Jan 3 calls .38x.41
Jan 4 calls .09x.12

$LOCM - Local Corporation 2.34

Golden Cross coming with current trend on the weekly chart. We see the 200 day ma as our target. 13 day ma has crossed above the 20 day ma and looking strong.


$SD 428% Dec 5 call up 428% .25-1.32, Dec 6 call up 151% .92-2.31
We see more and looking at the 200 day ma as resistance, then look for a short.

$AAPL - The Apple

AAPL in our opinion going to retest the 505 low and seeing the lower trendline as a real possibility this week around 480 to 490 area . If we get a upside shot we are watching the daily 20 ma line as the 1st target around 560.


$BIDU after failing to hold the weekly 200 moving avg.line, she traded below and then closed back above the 50% fibonocci line we show at 87.90 area. We will use that as support and if she fails to hold that, we have a pocket of support and the top of that support at $78.00 area. Sitting on the 50 day ma on the monthly chart.
Looking at Dec 90 calls and puts for a quick trade and
Jan 90 calls and puts.

Dec 90 calls 2.48x2.53
Dec 90 puts 3.05x3.20
Jan 90 calls 4.45x4.60
Jan 90 puts 5.05x5.20

$AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. 2.35

This one has been on fire and looking for a continuation. Needs to break the 13 day resistance on the weekly chart. Must hold 1.81 support.
Looking at the Dec 2 & 2.5 calls and puts for a short trade and Jan 2, 2.5 and 3 calls and puts.

$GNW we still continue to like and our target is the 100 or 200 day ma on the weekly chart and then will reverse position into the short

DNDN BREAKOUT and Up 68% from our alert

We see top bollie or 50 day ma on the weekly chart as our target then reverse or reevaluate depending on strength.

$MRVL - Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

This was a huge short for us and was mentioned before right here. Seems like we have a reversal from 7.05 low.
Looking at the Dec 9 calls .16x.19 .38 Delta, prefer the 8 calls but volume is low.
Jan 7.5 calls 1.31x1.34 .91 Delta

$VVUS - VIVUS Inc. 10.54

As you all know $VVUS has been a continual great trade for us. After our 280% Gain on the long side she has pulled back which has been a great short. Looks like she will retest the weekly 200 day ma and if she holds we will go long and if she breaks down we will go short. 9.27 and 9.00 looking like next targets if she does. Watch 9.86 support. Will be another Great trade. Looking at 11 and 12 calls and puts, dec and jan. See below

$HEK - Heckman 4.00

Second alert right here at 3.42 and ran to 4.06 before pulling back. Looks like its time again imo.
Looking at the Dec 4 call for a short trade or the Jan 3 and 4 calls.

Dec 4 calls .15x.20 .53 Delta
Jan 3 calls .95x1.05 1.00 Delta
Jan 4 calls .25x.30 .54 Delta


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