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Dec 11 Newsletter:

$MCP Explodes 455%

$DNDN Over 200% Gains!

$BIOF Exploded last week when we sent out a newsletter alerting folks to the move. 4.88 open to high of 5.66 and we still continue to like this stock going forward with tremendous upside potential.

$CLNT Also is on HIGH WATCH and alerted you to watch the retracement around 3.60 ish but reversed at 3.76, then turned and burned to 4.66 high. 24% for members.

$EGI we continue to like from .41 support.

$ATML We alerted at 4.95 and Ran to 5.81 for members!! 17.3%

12/10/12 Watchlist

$HK 6.59-7.11 closing above the daily 100 ma resistance
Jan 7 calls up 83%. Our target is the 200 day ma on the daily chart.

$CQB 7.41 alert and Xploding since closing friday at 8.25

$FSLR Dec 29 calls UP 88% 2.07-3.90 and still in play
Looking at Jan 29-33 calls

$TSL Dec 3 calls UP 500% .20-1.20, looking now at Jan 3 calls 1.20x1.25

$FCEL - FuelCell Energy Inc. .94

We've been watching $FCEL for years. Company has been restructuring and coming out with alot of postive news. One to watch going forward. Don't laugh but there is options volume, Jan 1 calls .05x.10. On stocks this cheap we usually dont recommend options but thought it funny and lets see how much they increase.

Dominion will own the 14.9-megawatt system in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and sell the output to Connecticut Light & Power Co. under a 15-year power-purchase agreement, FuelCell said today in a statement. It will have five 2.8-megawatt systems that convert natural gas to electricity without combustion, and will be completed by late 2013. The project will also convert waste heat into electricity, boosting its capacity.

“This partnership with FuelCell diversifies the sources of clean power we can offer our customers,” Eck said. “This could be very attractive for data centers, hospitals and anyone that might need reliable islands of power independent of the grid.”

Connecticut Light agreed to pay $89 a megawatt-hour for the power produced by the plant over 15 years, which will “provide adequate returns” to Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion, he said

For FuelCell, the agreement increases its order backlog by about $125 million and lends credibility to the company’s efforts to build similar plants in the U.S., Europe and Asia, said Chief Executive Officer Chip Bottone.

$LDK - Ldk Solar Co. LTD. .90

LDK 1.22 look for next leg up here, our first alert was at .90

$IAG - Iamgold Corp. 11.74

$IAG Looking Interesting again. Finding support at 10.58, Daily support cuddled under the 13day ma crossing through the 20 day ma-lovely but bullish only when 13 stays above. Full MACD Cross, MFI 37 and improving. Long as she holds 10.58 support, we like this chart.

Dec exp week 11 calls .70x.80
Jan call volume as of friday is in the 12.5 calls .25x.30

$NTS - Nts Inc .93

We are alerting NTS at .93 again on this Nice Technical pull back closing above the 200 weekly ma line.


$LXRX - Lexicon Pharmaceuticals 1.87

We alerted $LXRX before on our message board at 1.77. Love how she found support off her 200 day ma and is our support. MACD cross coming and just the start of a nice reversal here imo.

$ONTY - Oncothyreon Inc. 4.58

We had $ONTY on watch and then she blew from 3.88-5.16 where we have been watching the retracement and try and catch the 2nd leg. We have to hold 3.88 support and sitting on the 13 day ma on the daily chart. My thoughts are she needs to get above her 200 day ma on the weekly chart to go higher. Short side open too

BIOS We continue to like previous alerts $MNKD and $ANTH

$ZLC - Zale Corporation. 4.57

REVERSAL WATCH Previous Monster alert at 2.35-7.66 for 226% Gains for subscribers.
Zale took a 30% hit on missed earnings guidance. Looking for a band aid here lol. Must hold 4.15 the 200 day ma on the daily chart.

$NFLX - Netflix.

Our NFLX Prediction from our 11/20/12 Watchlist.

$NFLX is a Trip! 8 ATTEMPTS at breaking through the 76.4 Fib line, 7 fails and the 8th looks like she might go. I don't have a crystal ball but here is my prediction. I say she breaks the 78.6 and retests that Icahn high of 84.95 and fails. BUT They could take her to July highs of 86.90 and then take profits. Will be a great Trade either way imo and we will know if she can't continue past 84.95.

We've been taking profits along the way But as an example we alerted Dec 80 puts at 4.25 in Our Message Board and Skype Chat Room and hit highs of 6.50. 53% GAIN Today Alone! Held 10 Puts overnight. Next fib test is the 61.8% at 73.73

Well since then shes had positive news sending her into a nice uptrend. I will go long to around the 200 day ma on the weekly chart and then reverse postion at first signs of weakness. This will be another huge trade for us.

$ANR - Alpha Natural Resources 9.68

Coal has had a rebound but looking at capturing the downside on $ANR. She is coming up on a double top and 200 day ma on her daily chart. This would be my target but on the weekly chart we have the 50 day ma above this and if she breaksout she could hit that as a target. Pretty cool trade and momentum imo.


$MCP Pulling back after a huge 455% Gain and news on CEO leaving co
Pulling back to the 38.2% Fib and if she cant hold that we are looking at strong support below at the 50% fib around 8.80 area.

$DNDN Continues to Climb and still in play. Jan 5 calls up over 96% .28-.55. Now Jan 5 calls .48x.50

$RAS 5.50 12/3/12 alert. Breaking Out

$FSLR Dec 29 calls UP 88% 2.07-3.90 and still in play
Looking at Jan 29-33 calls

$TSL Dec 3 calls UP 500% .20-1.20, looking now at Jan 3 calls 1.20x1.25


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