Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 11/12/12

Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 11/12/12

Good Evening Traders,

Wow! talk about a tough two weeks in this market. Going short and very few longs were on the menu. Just when i thought the market was going to reverse, we got the election and greek sell off?

This market can be unpredictable so play accordingly.

Whats that Saying??

The Market can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent.

Not too many of the long charts panned out last week for obvious reasons. Took the sell off as a opportunity to look for some nice stocks on sale.

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$HK - Halcon Resources Corporation

Next earnings release: Feb 21 after market, unconfirmed. Capital IQ estimate: 0.00

12-Nov-12 Conferences Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Energy Conference (SD)
09-Nov-12 Calls Earnings Conference Call: (800)599-9795 on Nov 9 2012 9:00AM

Like the trade off the 200day sma here. 5.46 friday low, want to see her hold this support.

$EXM - Excel Maritime Carriers, Ltd.

EXM at .46 looking for a continuation here for a nice swing trade looking for a retest of the last swing high at .91 area as our first target

$BIOF - BioFuel Energy Corp.

This stock has been on fire and makes big moves. She traded from 2.07-10.75!!! Holy Moly 419% and i missed the whole move.
So since then she's been pulling back understandably. Were wanting to nail this pull back. Seeing her retrace to 61.8% fib line, 13day sma on the weekly chart and holding so far 5.29 being soft support, 4.89 hard support.
Watch her for a move to the upside from this 61.8 fib.

$BSDM - BSD Medical Corp.

For you longer term swingers lets look at BSDM

$ES - EnergySolutions, Inc

Breakout chart closing friday above her 200day sma, next resistance the 100day on the weekly chart. Looking for a possible pull back there and continuation to the 200 day sma.

$RDN - Radian Group Inc.

Looking for a break above the 200day sma. Holding support on the 100day sma and some nice upside once she breaks above the 200 day sma.

$BRD - Brigus Gold Corp.

BRD this is a classic break out and then head fake retest and then back to the upside we are seeing here

Previous Alerts to Keep an eye on also are.

$FCEL .95 which gave us 24.2% from alert at the same PPS.
News on biggest contract to date, watching this one.

FuelCell Energy Announces 121.8 Megawatt Order, Largest Ever Received by the Company and the Fuel Cell Industry
Product Backlog in Megawatts Increases by 284 Percent From Q3 2012

$CLNT 2.72, which has been a very strange and great trade for us has that familiar look again and MFI is pegged at 91 on the weekly chart and RSI at 47.
I am watching this close. Shes fooled me before looking real good then failing but this could be that move ive been waiting for.

$AAPL continues to provide huge profits to shorters. CONGRATS!!!!

AAPL looking for it to see the swing low from May and then get a nice bounce at some point from that area to start forming the Right Shoulder of the head and shoulder pattern she is putting in.

Last Weeks $CAT closed last friday 85.79 and opened monday at 86.41 and traded up to 88.60 before selling off and what a nice long and short there! Congrats to those that traded CAT.
$CAT bottomed last week at 82.81 and i love her at these levels and grabbed some.

$NFLX is a Trip! 8 ATTEMPTS at breaking through the 78.6 Fib line, 7 fails and the 8th looks like she might go. I don't have a crystal ball but here is my prediction. I say she breaks the 78.6 and retests that Icahn high of 84.95 and fails. BUT They could take her to July highs of 86.90 and then take profits. Will be a great Trade either way imo and we will know if she can't continue past 84.95.

$MRVL i mentioned a couple weeks back has been a great short. On a monthly chart i see 6.20 as support, although she bounced at 7.80-8.25 and continuing her downtrend.


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