Monday, November 19, 2012



Spy Chart seeing it Hit the ^1.8 fibonacci line and retested it 3 times on Friday, If That fails we should see the 76.4 fibonocci around 132 area.

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$EGI - Entr .51

EGI was a great trade for members ealier this month off a double bottom chart, 11/05/12 Alert at .47-.70 49% Gain! We were waiting for the reversal and Putting her on High Watch here again.

$CAK - CAMAC Energy Inc.

$CAK .65 weekly chart here and we should see a slight pull back and watching for a trend line breakout and hitting the 100 ma line as out 1st target

$REFR - Research Frontiers Inc. 4.10

Love the daily and weekly charts on REFR. Reversal watch with soft support at 3.77. We like the upside potential here. 2011 high was 10.29, retracing to 2.79 june of this year.

$TSYS - TeleCommunication Systems Inc. 2.26

$TSYS 2.26 after a short technical Pull back this weekly chart looking to move higher from here. Great earnings beat! Oct 25 TeleComm Sys beats by $0.05, beats on revs (1.79 +0.05) : Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $0.12 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.05 better than the Capital IQ Consensus Estimate of $0.07; revenues rose 24.4% year/year to $140.1 mln vs the $131.04 mln consensus.

$IDIX - Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. 4.52

Alerted this in our message board 11/08/12 at 4.07 Radar and hit 5.12 for a sweet 25.7% Gain for those paying attention. Was watching for a pullback to the 20day ma on the daily chart, she got close and bounced and closed friday above the 50day ma.
Very nice reversal here looks like so pay attention.

Dec 5 strike showing interest, options are .30 with a .10 spread


$INVE - Identive Group, Inc. 1.30

$INVE 1.30 here looking to be a slow and steady mover as the 13 ma line has clearly crossed the 20 ma line and volume is getting larger by the week.


$VVUS - VIVUS Inc. 10.33

This bio has been a great trade for us both long and short. Here's the trade as we see it, looking for a reversal off the 200 day ma on the weekly chart which she is currently under. Sometimes they dip below and head fake you and shoot to the upside. Anyway if she cannot hold this, going short would be the logical option.
Trading channel below from 6-9

Calls showing more interest than puts as of friday, but that can change in a heartbeat.

Looking at the 11 strike now at .72

Dec 10 puts .77

$ITMN - InterMune Inc. 8.94

8/04/12 Alert at 7.41-10.21 for 37.8%. From high we have been watching the retracement to 7.97 where she bounced closing above her

$NTES - NetEase, Inc.

This stock sort of trades with $AAPL mainly because they work for them. Looking for a nice bounce from her 200 day ma on the weekly chart.

Dec 47 strike showing the most interest and at .85 showing previous high of 2.20

Jan 48 showing most volume at 1.15

$TJX - The TJX Companies, Inc. 42.45

TJ Max looks like a nice reversal and she did this on a bad market tape.

Dec 42.5 calls showing most volume at 1.15


$BIDU Nice 2 dollar swing from our alert and still watching this Weekly chart as we are seeing it trade just above the 200 moving avg. line and see some support a little lower for a potential reversal.

$AAPL after Friday's Monster Reversal keep in mind that the weekly chart is Broken and we have not hit a technical traders pivot point.


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