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Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 11/5/12

Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 11/5/12

Good Evening Folks,

Made it through the hurricane ok, i had it easy compared to others in my area, i regained power 2 nights ago and my folks got power back last night. The coast got hit hard and the poor people in NY and NJ. The whole east coast. Our prayers go out to them.
Working on limited means but glad i could get this newsletter out.

Like we mentioned last week about the general market pulling back which it did. Very hard for the longs to get going lol.
Like we always say, play accordingly.

Even though the market was pulling back from time to time, Some of our trades did work out great though. Was playing $NFLX both ways.

Played $CAT long and locked in a nice profit, looking for the pull back to reenter.

$MU was a great long to 5.85, sold also but will reenter.

Also last weeks $URI ive been watching to breakout past her fib line at 40.00 which she did and rode her to 43.

$AAPL was a great short again friday and we are looking for more downside, see chart below...

I continue to like these and no reason to stray to something else imo. Although i mentioned $MRVL last week which is still slowly dying and came back with a bounce from 7.30-8.16 and could be setting up for another short from here? Radar, this will also be a great bounce off the bottom when shes ready, another reason i am following her.

$STXS - Stereotaxis Inc. 1.73

I like this chart as a breakout play, strong daily and weekly chart. Radar!

NCQ - NovaCopper Inc. 2.52

NCQ watching for a weekly chart breakout on better than avg. volume last week

$XIDE - Exide Technologies. 3.25

This one i had on breakout watch before and went up a little but kept on basing, but now looks like it just might this time. Keep XIDE on Radar also from these levels. the 200 day sma is support.

$AIQ - Alliance Healthcare Services, Inc.1.52

$COGO - Cogo Group, Inc. 2.59

We still continue to radar last weeks stocks

We also continue to like the previous alerts Below.


$EGI .47-.56 alert on the double bottom chart, has to hold .40 support.

$IVAN Triple bottom .56-.68 alert, has to hold .47 support



We are sticking with whats been working.

$AAPL - APPLE Computer

AAPL look for a continuation to the 76.4% fibonacci line and look for a nice retracement bounce for a scalp trade before heading lower to the Weekly Bollinger band and 50 day Ma line before seeing a reversal

$MU - Micron Technology Inc.

Looking for a continuation.

$CAT - Caterpillar Inc.

$NFLX - Netflix

Carl Icahn takes a stake and the stock takes off! Shes been a great trade.

See Disclaimer

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