Monday, October 8, 2012


Good Afternoon Traders,

$ASTI Alert 1.06, as long as she holds .95, i like her!!
I wanted to mention last night but wasn't 100% that she would bounce. Retracement to
her 200 day sma on a daily chart at .95 and the 50day on the weekly chart.
Reversals also i'm watching are..

$AEZS pulling back to 2.76 and now holding her 100day at 3.00, want to see her hold this or at least the 2.76

$VVUS Huge bounce from morning low of 18.30- 20.80 WOW. Hitting her head on the 200 day sma on the daily chart.

$GNW 5.39, Bouncing off her 50 day and 100 day sma's on the daily chart.


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