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Manic Monday Watchlist 10/8/12

Good Evening Folks,

We Want to Welcome our New Members and Tell You All we have some great things coming. We are building a new website and will eventually have instructional videos for new traders, forum where stocks can be posted on as well as questions answered. Traders can post charts, videos, share plays, share social media etc. Stay Tuned for More..

(NOTE: There is no guarantee that any of these will move X% after we alert them, but what we give you is the chart and tools to make the most of these type of trades. We ride them from support to a sell target then wait for the pull back and ride them again. Stick with what works or the same stocks, become familiar with their trading patterns.)

Do your research and check fundamentals, earnings etc. Also don't forget to follow the Dow and S&P, VERY IMPORTANT!!

Time your entries with the general market and sentiment.
If the General market is correcting then its a great time to make a list of your favorite stocks and look to get them at great prices. These small cap stocks listed usually will follow general market direction up or down, so pay attention.

Also always look at your weekly and monthly charts, not just the daily. Pull the charts back and see the whole story.

I still continue to like and follow these previous stocks that are working. Until the charts are broken, there is no reason to stray. I play them to a target then either short or wait till it pulls back and gets ready for its next move up.

Small caps stocks sometimes are just slow and steady gains and on occasion we get a Ripper and we do well just playing the swings. Penny Stock traders get used to quick gains and can lose interest quick.
Myself i get impatient sometimes and sell, only days after the stock does that i thought it would do lol. PATIENCE IS GOLDEN with Trading! Especially if you have no day trade status (Over 25k)or a margin account and have only 3 round trips a week.

Please time your entries and exits according to your moving average lines and fibinocci retracements. We are here to answer questions on everything from trading, charting, shorting and options. We have been thinking of offering Free classes

Either on Skype or in conjuction with investors Hub.

Sometimes we are early when we post a chart we like, but being patient pays off when they bust open. We pick a nice entry and put in a stop a little under support and if she breaks support we get stopped out, take a little loss and move on or try next support.

Lots of these have huge upside. These are all bullish set ups or ones that catch our eye and follow until support is broken or they breakout.

Trading & Charting Questions? Ask Manic


$PAL - North American Palladium Looks ready to rock. Indicators showing a nice potential reversal. Looking at her to hold the 50day at 1.82 support. Confirmation looking for the 13day sma to cross above the 20day sma.




$LXRX - Lexicon Pharm. 9/5/12 alert at 2.16, looking at a continuation from here off her 100day sma. Closing friday above her 15 and 20day sma.




$CDTI - Clean Diesel Tech, Put this one back on the list last week and still like it. Strong, daily, weekly and monthly charts.


$GGR - Geo Global, Last Week i put $GGR on Radar as a Spec Oil reversal play. Seems to be holding up but must hold .10. What caught my eye was the monthly chart back in 2001 where she bottomed at .0800, this is the floor and if she breaks this level- bye bye.


$CSUN China Sunergy double bottom chart caught my eye while back. Seems to be holding the 1.06 support i had my eye on. Could be a nice reversal in the making.



$AA - Alcoa Inc. One to Watch for Earnings tues 10/9/12 after close. A good number could really set this chart off imo. Fighting right now to push through her 200day on the daily chart and the 50 day sma on the weekly chart. 9 strike seeing alot of love


$AMD Advanced Micro Devices 3.22, Bottom play/ reversal. Simple trade, she holds this double bottom or she goes lower. But if she can hang on, there is alot of upside potential.

Option Chain

Mr. Chipper Has on Radar

DRRX 1 st alert at 1.13 watching for a breakout here as we have 6 days of accumulation

AAPL weekly chart explained below , if we see a premarket reversal to the upside be looking to short that 23.6 fib line as I feel we see that 13 ma line on the weekly chart and should see a nice bounce to the upside before then seeing AAPL fad to the 38.2 % fib line

CHC after 3 separated alerts and seeing this stair step up , we are seeing a nice consolidation between the 50% and 61.8% fibonacci lines. We are looking for the next leg higher

We are not financial advisors and not qualified to give advice. Anything we post or charts we annotate are only our opinion and NOT a recommendation to buy. We may or may not have positions in securitys listed.

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