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9/10/12 Manics Small Cap WATCHLIST

9/10/12 Manics Small Cap WATCHLIST ~ BOOM!

Overall Markets have been pulling back like we talked about. Good thing about this is getting good stocks at a even better price and holding a strong support.

Do your research and check fundamentals, earnings etc. Also don't forget to follow the Dow and S&P, VERY IMPORTANT!! Time your entries with the general market and sentiment.

Also always look at your weekly and monthly charts, not just the daily. Pull the chart back and see the whole story.

I still continue to like and follow these previous stocks that are working. Until the charts are broken, there is no reason to stray.

Sometimes i am early when i post a chart i like but being patient pays off when they bust open. I pick a nice entry and put in a stop a little under support and if she breaks support i get stopped out, take a little loss and move on or try next support.

Lots of these have huge upside. These are all bullish set ups or ones that catch my eye and follow until support is broken or they breakout. I find one or two i like and play the swings. Sell at resistance and wait for the pull back and get in again and keep riding them.

Plays like this called daily at our board. LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!!

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9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $CEDC 3.16-2.73 alert last week. This could be the run i've been waiting for?? Tremendous upside here and if she can catch some positive news

Manics 9/4/12 "STOCKS TO WATCH"

Manic-Goodies Watchlist $AAV 3.57, Nice looking chart here and totally missed her bottom at 2.47 grrr, possible upside is nice, even from here.

2 Stocks Poised to BREAKOUT! $REDF & $SIFY, these two i put on the Board watchlist a while ago and patiently waited for them to reverse. Nice Upside here. These are 2 indian internet companies and They were taken out back due to lowering of guidance and earnings miss last month. REDF has to hold 2.70 support and SIFY has to hold 2.02 soft support- hard support 1.90

9/10/12 MT-Goodies Watchlist $ANTH .93, alerted at .85 and she has to hold .81 support.

9/10/12 MT-Goodies Watchlist, $AXAS 2.09, on watch since 2.00

$AVL 1.86, alert@ 1.40 for 45% gain to date. Finding nice support now off her 100day sma on the daily chart and shes going higher from here imo.

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $NG 5.07, 2nd Leg.

$NG 35% Gain! 3.77-5.09 alert to date. Can she go to 7?? style='background-color:yellow;'>NG

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $NSU "BEAST" What more can i say

2.90-4.74 to date alert 7/23/12

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $CEDC 3.16-2.73 alert last week. This could be the run i've been waiting for?? Tremendous upside here and if she can catch some positive news

Manics 9/4/12 "STOCKS TO WATCH"

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $CLNT 2.78, we've been on this one since 2.08 and this last run we hit resistance at her 50day sma on the weekly chart, pullingback to her 50day sma on the daily where we alerted her again @ 2.50. We can push through that weekly 50day, i see this stock making a new high above 3.63

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $CPE 5.97-4.40 alert, Breaking Out again!
Huge Gain for the Goodies 35.7% and still goin strong, looking to breach the 200day on the weekly chart. Not much resistance i see till 6.46-7.95


9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $PEIX .40-.35 alert

$PEIX .40, Put on the watchlist at .35, this chart has alot of potential, i see around .80ish short term, granted she can push through her 100day on the daily chart. Then the 200day sma on the daily and the 50day on the weekly will be next resistance.
Looking at $PEIX history, once this one gets going she could easily go back to previous share price over a dollar and is where the company needs the pps to be.
This chart is set up sweet and think we could have a multi bagger possibly

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $ZAZA 3.06, previous watchlist and broke 3.29. Liking the support shes holding @ 2.81, 6/5/12 support 2.77

$ZAZA 3.57, ive had her on radar and alerted the chart at 3.34, we have to hold 3.29

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $MEA 2.46, Been waiting on this set up.

Aug 18

Co announced today that it has commenced drilling its first well in the Woodbine region of Texas (also known as the Eaglebine). The well is located on acreage acquired through a transaction with Range Texas Production (RRC unit), announced on March 29, 2012. Under the terms of the transaction with Range, ZaZa obtained a 75% working interest in the acquired acreage, became the designated operator, and has fulfilled its obligation to commence operations on the first well within the agreed upon timeframe.

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $COOL 1.74, same place i alerted the last pop for .20 lol, maybe this time we can do better. Has to hold 1.64 support

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $WRES 2.98, BREAKOUT!
Love this set up. Closing above her 200day sma on the daily and her 13day crossing above the 20day. BOOM

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $KWK 3.92-3.00 alert.

$KWK Nice Bounce a Cometh, this will be a good one i believe, she has to hold 2.93 support. Looking for a bullish reversal of this bear chart

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $MPG 3.63, Beasting up 51.2% from 7/23/12 alert 2.40-3.63 style='background-color:yellow;'>MPG

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $LXRX 2.42-2.16 to date

8/27/12 STOCKS to RADAR. Small Cap Watchlist

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $RAS 5.06, BREAKOUT! This chart looks like its ready to explode

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $OREX 5.50-4.37 alert last week,

$OREX 4.37, she did over 10% friday so look for a pull back maybe here before an entry imo. Chart looks great

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $ONTY 5.354.82, 15.7% gainer last week for the goodies

$ONTY 4.82, This is a sweet set up i came across, she should go to her 200day sma on the daily chart. RSI, MFI in the power zone, ADX beautiful divergence with signal line coming up behind the DI+. Improving indicators all around. We'll see some resistance around 5.50-5.75 area.

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $ATSG 4.14-4.86 17.5% alert for the goodies, shes pulledback to the lower bollie and looks like she wants more.

$ATSG 4.14, on high alert here, 3.88 support thus far, bouncing nice, up 6.7%

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $TGB "BREAKOUT" 3.34-2.51

$TGB 2.67, Sweet chart set up and alerted 7/20/12 at 2.51,

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $PFSW 2.64-2.35 alert.

I am not a financial advisor and not qualified to give advice. Anything i post or charts i annotate are only my opinion and NOT a recommendation to buy. I may or may not have positions in securitys listed

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