Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4/12 Stocks On Watch

Anyone can alert a penny stock that will go up knowing about a future promotion or front loading BUT it takes skill to chart and alert a small cap or big board stock. Really tricky part is alerting prior to a run. We can only try lol. No offense to my fellow promoters and pumpers 8)

Overall Markets are pulling back like we talked about. Good thing about this is getting good stocks at a even better price and holding a strong support.

Do your research and check fundamentals, earnings etc. Also don't forget to follow the Dow and S&P, VERY IMPORTANT!! Time your entries with the general market and sentiment.

Also always look at your weekly and monthly charts, not just the daily. Pull the chart back and see the whole story.

I still continue to like and follow these previous stocks that came up on my scanner. Until the charts are broken, there is no reason to stray.

Last weeks stocks went flat or pulled back a bit due to the market correcting Except $ONTY which broke out for 24.5%, 2.48-5.58. $KTOS broke support but still watching. Lots of these have huge upside. These are all bullish set ups until support is broken. I find one or two i like and play the swings. Sell at resistance and wait for the pull back and get in again and keep riding them.

$NSU 41.3%~Manic Sleeper Alert $NSU Continues to Go HIGHER!

2.90-4.10 to date alert 7/23/12

For Alerts like this Daily and More, come check us out!

http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=77755585&txt2find= style='background-color:yellow;'>NSU

  $CLNT Huge alert at 2.08 and continue to love her, pulling back to her 50day sma, watch for bounce


$AXAS 2.03, looking ready now after consolidating. 1.91 has to hold.

$COGO Looking great! 1.94, 1.83 soft support, hard support at 1.63



$NLST 8/20/12 1.58 alert


$IVAN 7/25/12 .56 alert



$CEDC 2.73, Back on high watch, 2.49 support.


$ROYL 9/4/12 2.23 alert, love this set up, strong weekly chart, has to hold 1.80 support

$HERO 3.40 alert, 4.42 high to date, looking to break her 200day sma on a daily.



$SGMS 9/3/12 7.33 alert


$UNIS 3.00 alert. Patience. 2.83 support.



$PFSW 8/5/12 2.35 alert, waiting for her to breakout of her basing


Last Weeks Watchlist still Hot!









I am not a financial advisor and not qualified to give advice. Anything i post or charts i annotate are only my opinion and NOT a recommendation to buy.

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