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Manic Monday 9/17/12 Small Cap Watchlist

Manic/Goodies 9/17/12 Small Cap Watchlist


Do your research and check fundamentals, earnings etc. Also don't forget to follow the Dow and S&P, VERY IMPORTANT!! Time your entries with the general market and sentiment.

Also always look at your weekly and monthly charts, not just the daily. Pull the chart back and see the whole story.

I still continue to like and follow these previous stocks that are working. Until the charts are broken, there is no reason to stray.

Sometimes i am early when i post a chart i like but being patient pays off when they bust open. I pick a nice entry and put in a stop a little under support and if she breaks support i get stopped out, take a little loss and move on or try next support.

Lots of these have huge upside. These are all bullish set ups or ones that catch my eye and follow until support is broken or they breakout. I find one or two i like and play the swings. Sell at resistance and wait for the pull back and get in again and keep riding them.

Plays like this called daily at our board. LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!!

$OXGN (2896%) $EEE (1678%) $PRWT (900%) $FTK (1300%) $ETRM (767.8%) $JAZZ (679%) $CXZ (511%) $CRYP (420%) $COOL (418%)

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Please keep following older watchlists, most stocks are still im play and giving gains. Stick with whats working.

$CVM BEAST TIME AGAIN!! .32 alert. Multi Bagger in the making. Goodies been all over $CVM since .29. She has to hold .31 support and has to fight through her 100 & 200day sma's of resistance before she can go higher. Ive been waiting for this set up and already up big from my .33 entry. We've only just begun!

Sunday, August 26, 2012 7:37:07 PM
$CVM .32, Broke .325 support friday, if she continues this downtrend, shes going to retest .27 support. We had a nice uptrend working there for a while lol. Bios are so unpredictable.
Watch her for a nice bounce monday?

$CVM Up 33.5% from sundays Watchlist. .35-.467 and more to come imo.

Previous Alert at .29-.654 for 125.5%


$PEIX 48.5% GAIN for followers from last sundays alert at .35-.52

$MTSN Back on the grill. .90 alert and again on the pull back at .96. Closing friday above the 50day sma and looking for the 100day resistance as the next target.


$HALO 6.34, Back on the Grill from previous 26% alert at 4.94-6.23 and again 9/09/12


$OWW 2.98, HIGH WATCH. We have reversal confirmation. Confirmed 13day cross.

ROYL 2.94, We have lift off! Id wait for the pullback here but alerted this 9/4/12 @2.23

Manics 9/4/12 "STOCKS TO WATCH"

$SQNM 4.08, BEAST Alert at 2.80-3.99 42.5% Gain for goodies to date.
1 200day sma of resistance on the daily and her 50day on her weekly and shes free. As much as were up, we still could see a double imo.

$SQNM 10.7% Alerted at 2.80-3.10 has to hold 2.65

$SNMX 2.09-1.90 alert, hitting some resistance now at the 100day sma

$ALU 1.27, Back on BW, 7/17/12 alert at 1.10. Huge tank on earnings miss. Sometimes these small caps base and consolidate a while before moving up outta the gutter. Hard support is .99, must hold but think the floors in imo.

$COGO 2.04, BOOM! Put her back on watch from 1.85, Aug 14, previous goodie alert at 1.83

ManicTrader Member Level

Friday, August 31, 2012 1:19:42 PM
Re: None
Post # of 9670
$COGO looking good again here, 1.83-2.20 alert, i xpect more from here imo

$PFSW 3.00 Breaking out finally, 2.35 alert. Up 29% to date

ManicTrader Member Level

Sunday, August 05, 2012 10:40:49 PM
Re: MACDgyver post# 256757
Post # of 272035
$PFSW 2.35, This one almost prime time, see if she can hold up here.

$REDF XPLODES 50.8% from Manic Alert, 2.85-4.40 to date. This ones not done, looking at 5.65 area

2 Stocks Poised to BREAKOUT! $REDF & $SIFY, these two i put on the Board watchlist a while ago and patiently waited for them to reverse. Nice Upside here. These are 2 indian internet companies and They were taken out back due to lowering of guidance and earnings miss last month. REDF has to hold 2.70 support and SIFY has to hold 2.02 soft support- hard support 1.90

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Original Alert

$SIFY 2.62-2.07 Alert. 26.6% to date, Finally in bullish mode but needs to get through some resistance first. 200day sma on her daily and the 50&100day on the weekly. Then she can breathe better, This stock will move good once she gets through these hiccupps. $REDF also, the bigger sister of the duo. These two stocks trade alike, look at both their charts.

Over 300% Total Gains~SmallCap Alerts WATCHLIST RECAP
$SIFY 8/12/12 2nd alert now at 2.07, last alert 16.3%, 6/6/12 2.20-2.56

$AAV 3.85 alerted at 3.57 and on the move on her 20day sma, She goes higher, possibly 5.40ish imo

$ZAZA 16.3% Gain last week. 3.06-3.56, alert last weeks watch.
Looking Better, very nice chart

$WRES BOOM! 3.37 alert last week and has decided to turn beast. I alerted the 2.98 breakout,

9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $WRES 2.98, BREAKOUT!
Love this set up. Closing above her 200day sma on the daily and her 13day crossing above the 20day. BOOM

$AMCC 5.73, Still in Play~ 7/26/12 alert at 4.90-5.92 to date, looks like she wants that 200day sma at 6.25.


9/10/12 Manics Small Cap WATCHLIST

I STILL CONTINUE TO TRADE AND FOLLOW These Previous alerts that are still killing it.


I am not a financial advisor and not qualified to give advice. Anything i post or charts i annotate are only my opinion and NOT a recommendation to buy. I may or may not have positions in securitys listed

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