Monday, May 20, 2013


Good Morning Traders,

WHAT A WEEK!! What More Can Be Said for Alerts Giving Members Over 5,796% Total Gains for the Week!! For Free?

Recapping Last Weeks Biggest Gainers!

$BMY MAY 41 calls from Monday are UP 4,542%!! Rocketing to All Time New HIGHS last Wednesday of 45.59! Check it Out, Gains are, may 42 calls up 525% ~ 42.5 calls Up 800% ~ 43 MAY CALLS THE BIG WINNER UP 1,844% TODAY ALONE. We gave you $BMY at 40.49. MAY 41 calls from Monday are UP 4,542% .07-3.25.

$HALO June 7.5 Calls Up 225%
. Alerted in Our Watchlist in April at 5.60 and again last week at 6.43. Thats Almost a 3 Dollar GAIN?? Monday we saw a dip to 6.28 where we loaded 7.5 calls which had gains of 225% from Monday! Hitting 8.50 After Hours Thursday!(June 7.5) UNREAL! Congrats!

$SODA Up 305%, June 60 calls, 57.25-66.69. We Were dead on that call, now look for 76.4 retrace fib at 67.36 ish after a retest and hold of the mid fib around 63.00 imo

$LNKD Up 207.6% June 175 Calls. We Alerted you to watch her trade lower and watch for a Reversal at the daily lower bollie. Which she did monday morning and Beasting up 20 a Share by Wednesday!! 6.50-20.00

$CSIQ Up Another 121% Last Week. June 7 calls, 6.78-8.04. 3 Dollar Gain in May. 620% Gain CSIQ gave us 3 opportunities to swing some nice gains. 50% Fib Next Target. Keep in Mind We Originally Alerted CSIQ in late April at 4.03-8.05 which gave us 101.2% GAINS!!!

$Z - 110%, June 55 calls. Zillow Hits lows Monday of 53.41 and continued a Run to Highs of 59.39 Wednesday. I Missed the May Gains but June 55 Calls Netted Gains of 110.5%, 2.85-6.00.

$FIO 100%
June 15 calls from lows monday at 14.39-15.39. .85-1.70. We saw a pullback monday till end of day where she found her bottom and then ran up and hit highs of 15.90 wednesday.

CLNT Up 33%,
3.34-4.44. Spec Breakout Candidate We Mentioned to Radar and BROKE OUT HARD Wednesday. Pre Market on a earnings beat. Press release
RADAR Again Folks, She pulled back to her daily 200ma again at 3.40 on friday, closing at 3.57. Watch for a continuation!

$MCP Saw no Dip and Rip Scenerio but a week of retracing and consolidation. So far she put in a low of 6.36, closing friday at 6.52. If MCP doesn't make it happen here, we are looking at the 6 area as a strong support channel. Keep MCP on RADAR this Week. We are Expecting a continuation.

$GNW Up 122%, 11 June Calls. Continue to Flip GNW waiting for the Breakout.

$NVTL Up 17.8%
, 3.08-3.63. Breakout chart continues and still hold a target of the weekly 200ma.

$MBLX Up 13.6%
, 2.05-2.33. Closing at 2.01 friday. Hanging on weekly support 13ma. Radar a continuation or 50 ma retracement.


Closely Watching the Overall Markets for Signs of Weakness as Always.
SPY Chart Hitting The Weekly Upper Trend line So Longs Be Careful

Looking at the SPY chart has alomst reached the upper trend line. If We have Retracement of SPY and DOW, we are looking at SPY puts. All the Put volume is in the 165 and 166 puts. 1,520,754 calls vs 2,416,220 puts, tells you where the bets are.

Or some nice shorts like PCLN, TSLA, NFLX.

Or Also Looking at $VXX Calls which have never been lower, hitting new lows friday at 17.97. Looking at 18 and 19 calls.

Still Continue to Like and trade.

$RDN nice pullback to 13.01, the daily 13ma. Shes been a buy on pullbacks every time and we will continue to trade it. Trading her from the daily 13ma to the top bollie has proven to be very profitable if you have been paying attention.

$CLNT Huge 33% Winner Last Week back on radar. She pulled back to her daily 200ma again at 3.40 on friday, closing at 3.57. Watch for a continuation!

$GNW - Gnworth Financial 10.74. We go higher imo.

$HK - Halcon Resources 6.24

We alerted mid week as a Trade off the Weekly 200 ma support. Looking at the 7 calls.

This was our Last Assault on HK

$GPT - Gramercy Capital 4.88

We gave you this ticker in december at 2.92 and has almost Doubled to 5.30. Ticker changed from $GKK to $GPT. We had a retracement to daily 50 ma and Radar this one for a breakout. Bollies tightening and see this breaking out this week, granted the market don't retrace.
She holds here i see a 5.50 target on the monthly chart.

$OCZ - OCZ Technology 1.18

This stock has pulled back from a nice run and retested her 1.16 support and closed up at 1.18. Now if she can't hold this support, she will retest 1.10. Radar this set up, it could be a nice bounce reversal.

$MDR - Mcdermott Intl. 8.86

Radar MDR for a Reversal off her monthly 200ma support. Very strong support here but must hold. Continuation i am looking at the 9 calls.

$ARUN - Aruba Networks 13.10

Earnings miss last week sent ARUN down to attractive levels here.
Looking at 12.28 as support, must hold. Watching for options volume to come in tomorrow and looking at the 13 and 14 calls depending on morning action.

$CMG - has filled its gap we posted it would a few weeks ago and now after retesting and holding the 61.8 fib line we are looking for a swing to the 76.4% fib at 393 area.

$NFLX, I hope some of you have enjoyed This Monster run as we have, Weekly chart shows this has More in The tank.

$SWHC is a lower slower moving swing trade we are liking here and the chart formation as you will see below.


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