Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello Traders,

Crazy Market! Overall Markets Hitting New Highs, Bad stocks doing well, Good stocks hitting never before seen highs! Everyone expecting some correction but never comes. We are on charts and companys we feel have growth.

Have to Go With the Trend, Never Fight It, It is Our Friend

We Try and offer you fresh tickers every week and different trading ideas but really the best ones are the same tickers we've been alerting the whole way as listed below. Stick with whats working and most is lol.

$BKS Up 587.5% From Our Breakout Alert 4/15/13

$GMCR Up 549.8% from 4/15/13. 57.44-77.76, original alert at 44.00 2/24/13. Target Hit and expecting a pullback.

$TRLG Up 428%, may 18 calls since our newsletter alert 4/15/13.

$OWW Up 246.7% 2.31-8.24 and still Going!

$RDN Up 191%
4.56-13.27 and still going

$BBX Up 68.2% 8.07-13.58 and Still going

$BIIB Up 56.7% 144.28-226.18 and still intact, could be putting in a head and shoulders.

Our SOLAR Sector Stocks All Up HUGE!

$FSLR Up 3.22% Monday Open at 44.53-47.56, 45 calls Lod 2.79-4.37, 82.8%, then we had a retracement to 42.61 tuesday morning giving us another opportunity to profit as we saw the may 43 calls net us 322% as FSLR climbed to 49.55 High friday. We continue our Coverage of the Solar Sector.

$CSIQ Up 67.2% from our Alert at 4.03 in april. Retracing to 5.18 wednesday and Shooting up to 6.93 Ahrs Friday. May 5 calls up 366%

$JKS Another Fav Up 63.8% from our 5.00-8.19 Alert in April.(We Continue Coverage on these Solar Stocks and charts tell us they go higher but they all follow FSLR which is the leader. That is your bell weather to watch for sector direction.)

$APP 1.00 Alert (Loser) and I gave you last week at 1.97 and i still like the story FYI but had earnings which i failed to check and coincidentally wasn't great and sold off. I apologize for anyone that might have got caught like myself but will be a buyer at the 1.60 area. Yes i still like APP.

$GNW Manic Monday 115.3%
Gains on the may 11 calls, 10.50-11.02.
Watching her retrace from there, finding temp support at 10.34 but looking at the 10.00 area for support and will be a buyer. This weekly chart is so close to Explode. Being patient.

$CRUS 696.9% GAINS Since Our 17.87, may 18 calls, 17.87-23.48. Up 357.8% for the Week, may 20 calls. Coming up on the 23.6 Fib and watching for a break above and if so our next target is the daily or weekly 100 ma resistance.

$F Up 157%, may 14 calls and chart did exactly what we thought it would. High of the week was 14.28 and we got a little Pullback and We are still looking for the 61.8 fib area as a target.

$AAPL Hit our 458 target and traded back to the 38.2 fib line on the monthly chart at 465 and hit a high of 465.75. Now we have closed below the 12.8 fibonacci pull back line at 455.50 and looking for the 23.6 fibonacci retracement line at 446.area. If we dont hold this daily trendline it closed at on Friday at 453.00

$LNKD Up 93.4%, may 175 calls From last Week. We saw a Close of 175.49. We saw her trade up to 182.55 for a $7.00 gain only to continue to pull back and close below the 23.6 fibonacci. PB line off that swing high at 203. Looks Like we will trade lower, next downside is the daily chart lower bollinger band and then the 38.2 fibonacci at 161.00, if we dont hold the lower bollie.

Previous Alerts We Continue to Like and Buy on Pullbacks Are:

$FSLR and Solars,

Along with the above stocks that we still like, here are some other charts that Caught our eye.

- Bristol Meyers Squibb 40.49

Call volume 4,016 vs 2,737 put volume. Chart finding support here on the daily 50 ma which is support here and the weekly 13 ma. Looking for a reversal from here. Daily indicators turning around and MACD almost showing full confirmation. Looking at 41 and 42 calls, have to reevaluate in the morning.

Dumpster Diving With a Couple Blue Chips.

$Z - Zillow Inc. 54.14

Mixed Earnings Sent this stock down almost 10.00 from 63.76. Shes bouncing off her daily 50 ma and weekly 13 ma. This could be a great opportunity granted she holds this support for a long trade. She breaks down then obviously a short might present itself. 38.2 fib around 48.17 is the next support target below the 50 ma. Looking at the 54 and 55 calls.

$FIO - Fusion-io Inc. 15.05

Looking to ride the bounce here and looking at 15 calls and we have a target of the 50-20ma resistance on the daily. 15 may calls did 140% friday.

$HALO - Halozyme Therapeutics 6.43

HALO Looks like shes ready for another Run Up from here. Closing above the daily 200 ma. Indicators all looking pretty bullish. Look for a morning Dip and Rip. Watching for more options volume to come in monday.

$MCP - Moly Corp. 7.34

Looks like we have to take notice of MCP again. The street liked the earnings and i think a little short squeeze also helped MCP catapault thursday from 5.59-7.75 closing strong above the daily 100ma and is finding support on the weekly 100ma. Looks like she wants to hit that daily 200 ma resistance. BUT after a run like that i would love to see a dip and rip in the morning. Watch pre market trading. Looking at 7 calls.

SODA in full breakout mode looking for a Pull back before heading higher . See chart for annotation


$ASTX 5.50, Watch for the dip and rip, possibly the 4.60 area or she continues.

$ASYS 3.87, Looking like a breakout again, pushing up against the weekly 50 ma.

$RDN 13.26, Is just Sick and is Blue sky breakout like we've been pounding the table the whole way. She goes higher.

$COOL .71 We alerted at .60-.79 for 31.6%, Watching this retracement to .58 and friday closing above her daily 100ma. I think we go higher and our target is the daily 200 ma resistance area. .58 support must hold.

$OWW 8.01 Continues... Hitting the 50% fibonacci Line and radar for a breakout through and continuation to the 61.8 fib around the 9.74 area. Blue Sky Breakout Chart..

$MBLX 2.09, Breakout chart and our target is the weekly 100ma. Support is the weekly 50 ma.

$NVTL Contination breakout. Watch for a move to the weekly 200ma resistance, target.

$CLNT Spec breakout here, sandwiched between the 50ma and the 100ma for sometime now. Something has to give and if its to the upside it will be nice.

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