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Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 10/22/12

Manic Monday Stock Alerts Watchlist 10/22/12

Hello Traders,

We have been alerting Stocks for years now with great success. Our History speaks for itself.
We alert stock charts we think will go up and possible trading opportunities but If you Don't know charting or support and resistance its like trading blind.
If your new to trading we highly recommend using your brokers paper trading platform or a site from the ones listed below to practice trading and finding a strategy that works, before you start using your hard earned money.

We also alert stocks we see that are interesting on our message board and Our idea is too eventually incorporate a forum where everyone can see our daily posts and interact with us. We also will be having Chart and Indicator Videos and possibly Interactive classes for those wanting to learn. We are really excited about this and know you'll like it. You ask and we deliver! So Stay tuned..

Beware the Dow and S and P 500 are Toppy and Will Possibly Pullback More from Here, so trade accordingly.

We have a Basket of Small Caps Here That We Think You'll Like and look Very Interesting.

PFSweb Inc. (PFSW)

Nice alert here from 2.35. 38.2% Gain to date. Looking for a continuation here off her 200day sma on the daily chart and closing above the 50 day on the weekly. Charts strong but if the market pulls back more i'd like to see her hold this 200day.

James River Coal Co. (JRCC)

$JRCC from our 3.88 alert last Saturday Post closed up over a $1.00 for the week and closed green yesterday on a 200 point blood bath I see bottom of resistance channel at 6.23 ish area

$PGRX - Prospect Global Resources, Inc. $2.88

Something going on with this fertilizer company. Potash coming back in vogue and a strong daily and weekly chart.
News looks promising: PGRX Prospect Global Resources' feasibility study confirms potash project's strong economics; on track to meet 2012 goals (2.65 )

Oct 18, Co announced that a new interim engineering report shows the co to be on track to meet key targets within previous expectations as to capital and operating expenses, infrastructure, permitting, and site plan for its American West Potash project in Holbrook, AZ. According to the report, a cost feasibility study by the international engineering firm of Tetra Tech (TTI), key capital expense elements are in line with 2012 expectations, and operating expenses are comfortably within confidence levels set by the December 2011 preliminary economic assessment. The changes to capital expense and operating expense include more focus on potash recovery, reliability and optimization. Prospect Global believes that the bankable feasibility study in 2013 will increase resources and optimize the mine plan.

$SMI - Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.

SMI 1.98 here we are looking at a potential breakout as you see we have traded into this point here.

$BRD - Brigus Gold Corp

BRD 1.04 we saw a very strong Reversal off the 50 ma line and saw some very large buys into the close on Friday

$UPL - Ultra Petroleum Corp.

We had a golden cross oct 9th and also showing the 13day sma above the 20day. Holding a nice trendline on the 13day sma.
Weekly chart shows her hitting her head on the 50day sma.
I am looking for the move past this 50day and my target would be the 100day sma on the daily

24 and 12 Nov strikes seeing volume and open interest

$URI - United Rentals, Inc. $38.58

Here's one i've traded many times and moves nice. They beat earings by .23 wow

United Rentals beats by $0.23, misses on revs; reaffirms FY12 rev guidance (33.96 +0.52) : Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $1.35 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.23 better than the Capital IQ Consensus Estimate of $1.12; revenues rose 71.0% year/year to $1.22 bln vs the $1.28 bln consensus. Co reaffirms guidance for FY12, sees FY12 revs of $4.6-4.7 bln, may not be comparable to $4.26 bln Capital IQ Consensus Estimate, possibly due to the recent RSC acquisition; with adj. EBITDA in a range of $1.95 billion to $2.0 billion, compared with 2011 adjusted EBITDA of $1.49 billion; An increase in rental rates of ~7.0% year-over-year, updated from the co's prior estimate of a 6.5% increase.

Here's a stock that will go up in a bad market, BUT after that run up on earnings id say she will pull back some. Watching the 200day sma on the daily as support first. This stock will do well imo once she pulls back a bit more here.
Weekly chart looks strong too. Who knows, if she retests previous highs, thats almost $10.00 from here.

Nov 39 calls most active.

$MU - Micron Technology Inc.

I alerted $MU last run from 5.60-6.98 for 24.6%. 7/23/12. She has pulled back below that support closing friday at 5.45 almost low of day.

Nov and Dec 6 strikes showing alot of action.

$MRVL - Marvell Technology Group Ltd.

Other Stocks of interest is $MRVL, which has been getting hammered on lowered guidance and downgrades.
Coming down to strong support, keep on Radar.

Nov 8 Puts most active and 8 and 9 calls.

Last Weeks Recap

$COGO 2.29-2.39, 4.3% Gain and still like it.

$KWK 4.85-4.96 Still on breakout Watch, need to trade above her 200day sma on the daily chart.

$FCEL .95-1.01, Still like it for a continuation.

$VIMC has got us extremely excited as we saw it open at 1.05 and hit a intra day week high of 1.33 and a gain of 26% , weeky chart is just hitting the power zone so stay with one .

$LPH again another very strong breakout from our 1.85 alert and saw weekly high of 2.19 gving traders 18% gain , also closing above the 38.2 fib line and seeing the 50% fib line at 2.38 as always look to buy the dips

$INO closed flat for the week, the 20 ma line now crossing the 50 ma line on the weekly chart.

We are not financial advisors and not qualified to give advice. Anything we post or charts we annotate are only our opinion and NOT a recommendation to buy. We may or may not have positions in securitys listed.

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