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Hello Traders,

I have the Hurricane coming straight off to the left of me and we want to say for Our
other friends in Sandys Path. Stay Safe and God Bless.
Market retracing last week like we thought which is always tough for any longs but a few of our alerts did really well.

Those $NFLX puts we mentioned really paid off lol. RADAR NFLX! Big gain EOD friday and looking for another sell off especially after that earnings miss. See below

$COGO Nice break out we were looking for. Up 77.5% TD, 1.83-3.25
61% Gain .13-.214. Done!
52% TD, What a Beast! from 3.88-5.89 alert
41% 1 Day Gain! TD, 2.88-4.06 alert
44% TD, from .52 alert
37% TD, from 1.05 alert
19% TD, from 1.09 alert
5%, 38.7% TD, 2.35-3.25

We continue to like $VIMC, $MOTR and $PGRX from last week.

$VIMC first alert at 1.05 we have seen the accumulation this past week and now look for a breakout to the next level , Congrats to those who followed us on this one.

$MOTR our alert last week at .52 has plenty more to go as we seen it close above the weekly 23.6% fibonacci line and will use that as support

RADAR $PGRX Last weeks Monday Winner, Hit to my surprise 41%, every now and then we get lucky.
3 flips for me so far. She pulled back to the 50 day sma on the daily chart and looking for a reversal, present support at 2.66. My target is the 200day sma on the daily

$VG - Vonage Holdings Corporation

I really like this set up. This will be a long term swing trade. Daily, weekly and monthly charts all in line.

$RAS - RAIT Financial Trust

This is a stock that continues to perform from 5.06, closing friday strong above the 100 and 200 day sma on the weekly chart. Looking for a Break out here. Tremendous upside here as long as news is good.

Post from September Alert


Monday, September 10, 2012 1:03:27 AM
Re: TradeForProfits post# 9296
Post # of 10832
9/10/12 MT~Goodies Watchlist $RAS 5.06, BREAKOUT! This chart looks like its ready to explode

$FBN - Furniture Brands International Inc.

Looking for a continuation and break above 1.82 previous high.

$IVAN ~ Also keep on radar a nice triple bottom chart we saw set up last week and mentioned on our message board at .56-.68, 21.4% TD.


Thursday, October 25, 2012 1:43:49 AM
Re: mrchipper post# 10626
Post # of 10832
$IVAN .56, Triple bottom Set Up! I think she retraces to .53-.52

Looks like fun to me, easy trade, .47 support, thats my stop. Keep in mind thats two higher lows on that weekly chart, u have to respect that.


$MU Big Gainer last week but can she continue??

Last weeks
$MU alert worked out great for me. Was expecting a retest of 5.06 like we mentioned but 5.16 was where she held Ahrs and seeing alot of volume and interest come in, i grabbed some nov 5 calls. Rode her from 5.24-5.69. 5.72 was Hod. She pulled back at the 60min 200day to 5.44. This stock has alot of interest now and looking for a continuation. I did not get back in yet.
Congrats traders that caught this one.

$CAT - Caterpillar Inc.

Time to look at $CAT again, previous runner from 81.61-87.53. Hitting resistance at the 50 day sma on the daily chart. Pulling back with the market to 82.29 and retesting previous lows. Putting in higher lows and i'm ready for another move to the 200 day sma on the daily chart.

RADAR $NFLX, She Misses earnings and tanks and then comes back like gang busters. Buy out rumors. I'm Watching for the short here. Imo she can't sustain these gains on rumors and missed earnings makes me a bear on this move.

If you are new to trading penny stocks we strongly advise you to spend some time trading virtual money. They say that “You never really become a real trader until you wipeout your portfolio.” We say take that wipeout while not losing your real money.

Here are a few sites where you can easily set up a virtual account:

First check your broker. Some have them already like TD Ameritrade/Think or Swim Simulator


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